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How To Improve Strategic Management at an Airport

How To Improve Strategic Management at an Airport
February 07, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

There are a number of reasons why there can be poor strategic management in the organisation or in a part of the organisation. This is why it falls on the shoulders of the learned “strategic management” students to write assignments and propose ways to improve the situation. If you also lie in the majority of the population who think “Why in Lord’s name am I writing this assignment?”, I will tell you exactly why.

You are writing this assignment because

  1. You are going to earn grades (for real)
  2. Your assignment is the way that the university expects you to learn the ways of the real big bad world (Thanos is a kitten in front of you)
  1. After completing this assignment, you are going to become the person who has answers to every single management problem (Bruce Almighty much?)

Enough. Tell me how to write it.

Okay, kid. Do not be so furious. I was going to tell you that anyway. So, here is an example that I am going to follow. If you understand it, very well. If not, then a strategic management assignment helpexpert is available for further assistance. Recognise this? I am sure a lot of you will. The (in)famous Catdom airport assignment. If you did not get an exact assignment, you must have encountered an assignment like this in some other way.

Improving Passenger Processing Capacity

There are a lot of flaws in the passenger processing capacity of this airport. If you would divert your attention to the details in the case study, you would see that there a number of ways due to which the airport suffers. No wonder Pablo Escobar was able to raise an empire of drugs because of such airports. You have to make sure that Netflix’s next series is not titled “Catdom”.

Multiple Agencies With No Coordination

If 10 different people are working in a team where everyone is minding their own business, how do you ensure that they will work towards a common goal? Therefore, if this assignment was written by me or some other strategic management assignment helpexpert, the first focus would be to law down guidelines that establish coordination between the agencies. If there is a Drug Checking Unit, then it is necessary that it has coordination with the Airport Security Unit and Foreign Affairs. If the agencies are not coordinated then chances are that the same group of suspicious people will be asked the same set of questions from different people belonging to different agencies. That is a wastage of their time and state’s resources.

No oversight

If 10 kids are left alone to play in a park with nobody to watch over them, there is a high probability that either they would end up fighting and crying or killing each other. But if these kids are in a park and the headmistress is there watching over them, they are going to play quietly and peacefully. The same is the case when these agencies at the airport are not governed by some superior authority. Forming a body like Airport Management Agency would hold the individual agencies accountable for their actions and consequences. The superior body does not leave like that but make sure that the agencies operating at the airport are in contact with each other and are coordinated.

No additional resources during peak time

The last thing an airport wants is a security breach or leak. Thus, if there are a large number of passengers constantly coming in and going out of the airport, the authorities have to make sure that there is no carelessness. Therefore, during peak, the authorities should ensure that additional resources are brought in instead of cutting them. These resources are -
  • Scanners
  • Security personnel
  • Porters
  • Intra-airport transit modes
These are just a few to name out of the many that can be used. Other than bringing in resources from outside, there are things that can be improved at the airport itself. For example, the number of boarding counters can be increased.

Visual baggage examination

There is no automated detection equipment that the airport security personnel can use in order to improve the baggage examination. It is quite obvious that a visual examination of the baggage is going to take time, a lot of time. So we need to implement a system that is fast, safe and efficient. We need to automate the entire system using scanners and the fancy stuff. The incoming passengers throw their luggage on a conveyor belt that is moving into a scanner. A highly intelligent scanner infra-red checks that baggage. Yes, infrared. X-rays are outdated, stay in the game. It is just an example. Anyway, the point is that we need automation which can improve the process exponentially.

Quantity v/s quality

This is a war that exists everywhere. The airport management, as per the case study, awards the supervisors on the basis of the number of passengers they have processed. Isn’t this some irresponsible system that they are following? Therefore, it is necessary that a new system replaces the existing one. The supervisors have to be awarded on the basis of the number of interventions they place. This will improve the searchability of the security personnel and will catch more dealers trying to sneak in. The superiors will also not pressurise the security staff to keep ‘em moving. They would focus more on conducting a thorough search. Not like throwing the stuff out of the bag to search for drugs because the customer looks funny. No, do not do that. Conduct serious searches and ensure that the search yields results.

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