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How to Master Assignment Writing?

How to Master Assignment Writing?
August 27, 2019
Author : Bill

Students pursuing their courses in the universities and colleges have to write multiple assignments, for example, essay, case study, literature reviews, and more. Writing such papers is not easy and thus, we are offering a webinar session on 3rd September 2019. In this session, our academic writing expert will discuss the intricacies of an assignment and guide you to overcome the complexities of writing them. Every assignment comes with a deadline and students are required to complete the task within that time. Completing assignments on-time may require you to be good at various aspects such as time management, find journal articles, knowledge of references styles, curating non-plagiarised answers, and a lot more.

Few Tips To Achieve Proficiency In Writing Academic Assignments

Good Time Management

To finish academic tasks on time, you need to practice better management techniques. However, some students lack these skills. They can follow the below-given tips for effective time management.
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Be focused on the task
  • Use a calendar
  • Use a checklist
  • Schedule rewards
  • Get organised
  • Get a good nights' sleep

Find the correct journal articles

Finding the most appropriate journals require you to consider a few factors such as -
  • Usage of an online database to choose relevant articles in journals, magazines (periodicals) and newspapers. Students can find periodical articles by the journal-title, author or keyword.
  • Find the best suitable database related to your topic.
  • You can also get help from our services to find the accurate and best journal or articles for your specific topic.
  • In case, if the journals' complete text is not available in the database, you can search for the title of the periodical in their catalogue. This enlists microform, print, electronic versions of magazines, newspapers and journals available in the library.

Importance of Plagiarism Check and Plagiarism

We often use other people's ideas and tasks while writing assignments for university. Thus, to maintain academic integrity, it is quite important to give credit whenever it is due. Credits are generally provided when we use some other people's ideas in our own words. To avoid plagiarism, you can use credit for:
  • Another person's idea
  • Theory or opinion
  • Any statistics, facts, or graphs
  • Quotations of written or spoken words by any other person
  • When we paraphrase some other person's written or spoken texts.

Why Use Of Plagiarism Checker Is Important?

Instead of looking for an internet search engine, students must use a plagiarism checker tool such as PlagScan, Plagiarism and similar software. These tools have a large database of books, articles, journals and periodicals. The few benefits of plagiarism checker are -
  • It provides the details of the similar content of your assignment. Every university has a standard percentage rate to accept. The similarity of the content must remain below that percentage rate.
  • It is also used to check the paraphrasing ability. With the use of plagiarism checker, you will be able to know the content that is similar to the author’s original words.
  • Plagiarism checker tool offers proof that your content is unique. You can take a print of this report which can be used as proof to your university or instructor that your paper is original.

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If you are a student and want to know more about academic writing and enhancing the skills to write complex tasks, then My Assignment Services can be the best choice. You can either avail online assignment help or attend our upcoming webinar session. This webinar is going to be conducted on 03rd September 2019 on Tuesday. You can simply register and enjoy this awesome and free webinar along with your friends!

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