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How To Prepare Dissertation Problem Statement

How To Prepare Dissertation Problem Statement
March 18, 2019
Author : Chloe Kirner

I do not think that I need to tell you that dissertation is the most important academic paper that you will write in your masters degree. Do you also feel so? Are you not prepared to slog through dissertations day and night? Then this guide by the dissertation writing help experts to prepare a dissertation problem statement is just for you. Before you make all nighters your best friend and cups of coffee your regular beverage, I am going to help you stabilise yourself. Why waste your time in going through numerous online guides when the dissertation writers at My Assignment Services are there for you?

The frenzy is unhealthy for your dissertation.

As the deadline approaches, I am sure that most of you are all geared up with your laptops. You have, for the first time in your post-graduation years, entered the university library and are using Google Scholar. You are analysing the parts left to write and the time you have. In such a frenzied state of mind, the students are prone to miss several things that are important to make your dissertation No. 1. And one of that is preparing a dissertation problem statement. And it is not your fault. Most of the end moment writers ignore this part. So, what can you do about it? You can use this dissertation problem statement preparation guide!

Dissertation Problem Statement Guide

There are a lot of aspects in a dissertation that this guide can cover. But seeing that you probably would not have a lot of time, we are going to stick to the essentials only. And the first essential part of this is to know how to prepare your dissertation problem statement.

Steps to write a problem statement

Steps To Write  
  • Choose a real problem

A lot of students try to be over-smart. I really hope that you are not in that population. They think that choosing a problem statement about a problem that is of the future or the one that does not exist, they are going to set a new milestone in the scientific breakthrough. But what happens is actually opposite. You should always choose a topic that is relevant to the problems faced in the industry. Preference will always be to choose a dissertation problem statement that is yet to be solved. But for the lack of a better argument, you can extend on an already existing solution provided you can find a flaw or improve that.
  • Identify the research methodology to be used

Every dissertation has a part where you need to carry out a research. This research is always based on predefined formats, or methodologies as they are called, and have to be in accordance with the area of research. One such methodology you also have to identify. But identifying the methodology alone is not sufficient. You have to tell the readers, basically your professor, about why you chose that methodology out of all the possible ones that you could. For this, you need to draw up a pros and cons for the methodology you are choosing against all the other ones that you could have. Give a valid reason for accepting one methodology and rejecting the other one.
  • Explain clearly

The point of dissertation is to tell everything that you want to and if you are not achieving that, then I am sorry to tell you but your dissertation is good for nothing. Every single line that you type should make the readers go “I got this all.” The moment where your readers feel, “What did I just read? Got to go through that part once again.”, your dissertation failed the objective. Now this does not mean that such a situation arises every time but this is what you should aim for. Your dissertation should be in a clear language that is simple and written formally.
  • Address the research question

Before you are writing the dissertation, you need to think of 4-5 objectives that this dissertation is going to accomplish. Remember, a dissertation is a planned academic work. Therefore, you cannot take blind shots in the dark. How to avoid these blind shots – by defining a research question. Once you have done that, make sure that your dissertation is answering the questions that you have chosen. The dissertation problem statement should always answer the what, why, who, when and where of the topic in hand. When you are writing the problem statement, make sure that you mention the research questions.
  • Provide context

There is nothing in this world that can attain the purpose for what is prepared unless there is a reference. Even at the time you are judging a movie, it is because you are comparing it with a reference in your mind. The same principle is applied in the dissertation problem statement. When you are preparing one, you have to give the readers some background information. For example, you might not be a fan of classic rock and may not be aware of the history of rock. So, if someone starts talking the origin of rock and Queen, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, etc. you are going to be entirely lost. Provide the readers a brief background of the issue that you are discussing in the dissertation.

Can I write my problem statement as long as I want?

Well, after reading the section above, you probably are thinking that I have talked about the entire dissertation. But trust me, this is just your dissertation problem statement. And no, your problem statement cannot be of infinite length. Do you know that the ideal length of a problem statement is a couple of sentences? Yes. What do you write in that? For that, here is a dissertation problem statement example for you. The above excerpt has been taken from “’The ghost of Jane Shore’: Cultural representations of the past in the Early Modern period” by Sarah Davies, a student of the Department of History at the University of Bristol.

What language should you use for dissertation problem statement?

As the legend goes, the ideal language to write the problem statement in is formal tone. That means that slang, jargon, regional speech and text language is a strict no. You do not greet the people in your dissertation statement like, “What’s up? I am writing this dissertation to see if The Avengers could have defeated Thanos or not.” No, that is not how this is supposed to work.
  1. Your language should be straightforward. That means that what can be spoken in one word, do not write a whole sentence for that.
  2. Keep your language simple and stay away from the dictionary. If you think that using hefty words is in your advantage, then you are absolutely wrong. You do not want your audience going “Hey Google, what this word mean” after every few sentences.
  3. Use the terminology that is essential to your field of study. If you are a law student, for example, then your dissertation problem statement should must have the law related terminologies.

Need a professional to help you prepare dissertation problem statement?

Though problem statement is a section of dissertation, one must not ignore the importance it holds. After all, an ocean is made up of millions of drops, isn’t it? So, why take any chance with your dissertation problem statement too? Contact the dissertation writing help Expertsat My Assignment Services and say goodbye to all your dissertation-related worries!

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