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How to Prepare Market Opportunity Report Assignment?

How to Prepare Market Opportunity Report Assignment?
April 08, 2019
Author : Charles Hill

A market opportunity report can be defined as a corresponding action plan that needs to be taken to analyse and act on the opportunity that focuses on developing plans for international business. An efficient market opportunity report focuses on describing strategic directions to assess, anticipate and work upon the future opportunities as well as managing the business risks. If you are a marketing student who is fighting all the odds and now got stuck in one of the final assessments which is to create a Market Opportunity Report, then our marketing assignment help providers can save you by providing the required solution easily.

Market Opportunity Report Example

Students undergoing the corresponding course MGT530 International Business are often asked to submit a market opportunity report at least once. Our experts have received a lot of assignment orders and can give you the corresponding solution to it. One of the assignments was about preparing a market opportunity report of 3000 words which included researching about different products and services which the company might plan to bring on to the market. The student was asked to conduct a PESTEL analysis and how to make the business flowing in the respective country. Student was required to understand a lot of the critical issues that might come up when entering a different country. These issues can be identified as economic, political and legal risks which get combined with social, cultural and ethical norms. Our marketing assignment experts are spot on when they were able to identify these norms and risks by evaluating the possible risks of environmental hazards that could come on the forefront. Our experts have successfully delivered the solution within the time by adhering to the structure contained in the requirements:
  • Executive summary of the report
  • Introduction
  • Identification of the company with respect to the types of products/services or if there are any existing international market activities
  • Introduction to the country that you plan to enter
  • Economic or Financial Analysis
  • Cases considered for Political and Legal Analysis
  • Social, Cultural and Ethical Norms
  • Environmental issues (if any)
  • Technology issues (if any)
  • Other issues (if any)
  • SWOT identifying Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Conclusion
  • Referencing
Want to give PESTEL one more chance? Let’s go.

PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL takes down the important factor of identifying and act on issues of legal, political, economical, social, technology and environmental such that you are prepared against every risk that comes your way.
  • Legal Factors - These factors may have some of the political factors. Legal factors could include discrimination laws, employment laws, patent laws, health and safety laws, etc.
  • Political Factors - These factors are considered about how a government intervenes in a economy. If you know everything about government policies, labour law, environment law, foreign trade, etc., then it would be easier to enter internationally.
  • Economic Factors - These factors corresponds to act on an economic performance of the country. These factors include interest rates, economic growth, inflation rates, exchange rates and much more. It could relate to the effects of supply and demand as well as the price determination.
  • Social Factors - Social factors include demographic characteristics, customs, values and norms that are considered where the organisation operates.
  • Technological Factors - These factors acknowledge the trends of innovation in technology which can affect your market operations favourably or unfavourably. Technological factors could include technology incentives, innovation level, research and development, automation, technological change and much more.
  • Environmental Factors - Environmental factors involves aspects of ecological and environmental aspects, which includes, weather, climate or any type of environmental offsets.
We can’t tell you everything in this short blog. To get more idea about PESTEL and its related components, contact our marketing assignment help experts.

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