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How to Sail Through the Roller-Coaster Ride if You’re a Fresher?

How to Sail Through the Roller-Coaster Ride if You’re a Fresher?
January 17, 2020
Author : Celina

Considered to be the most challenging year for students, the journey of first-year students is always a roller-coaster ride. Though the journey is not free from rough patches, undoubtedly, it is the best time in every student’s life. At My Assignment Services, we have seen the overall growth of students from being freshers to mature and responsible individuals, battling with their assignment fears and conquering them with our little guidance. Hence we thought, why not take you back to your first-year experience? And for those, who have just entered college, we have a lot in store for you. In this blog, ourassignment helpexperts will talk more about thechallenges that every first-year college student facesand also throw some light on their solutions. So, make sure you read till the end! Before we go on discussing the multiple challenges that cross the paths of every first-year student, it is important to get to the roots of the mindset of such a student. This infographic will take you further into the thinking of freshers when they enter college. Isn’t it but obvious that every student has to be thinking about the fresher’s party when he/she enters college? Bright Pink Photo Background Process Infographic

7 Common Challenges Faced By College Students in their First Year

Now that you have finally landed in your favourite universities around the world, the first and the foremost responsibility which you hold is to sustain in that environment and come out with flying colours. The fresher’s party is over now and it is time for you to face reality! Here are the 7 challenges for which you need to start finding solutions right now if you don’t want them to hamper your university life later.
  • Homesickness

Every year, ourassignment helpexperts witness international students who struggle hard to get accustomed to the new living conditions. Homesickness is thus, the most common struggle that every fresher comes to terms with. To deal with this, we suggest students engage themselves in multiple activities on campus like joining clubs, hanging out with friends, going on tripe and more. This way, students get more opportunities to interact with new people and battle their homesickness.
  • Time management

Coming from high schools and straightaway landing in a university creates havoc in the lives of first-year university students. Isn’t it obvious? In high schools, you are given lesser assignments to complete and ample time to complete and submit them. On the contrary, in the first year itself, you find yourselves drowning among a lot of back-breaking assignments with short deadlines to submit. In this situation, ourassignment writerscome to your rescue. While we guide you with the concepts involved in your assignments, you can channelise that time in doing something more productive.
  • Following a healthy lifestyle

Gone are the days, when your mom would take care of your health requirements. Now that you are away from home, it is your responsibility to nurture your body nutritional needs with a properly nutritious diet. However, being freshers, this is what is least expected from you. In the process of making new friends, first-year students like you often skip the nutrition content and replace it with junk foods while having a meal with their buddies. Naturally, you might find yourselves drifting apart from a healthy lifestyle. So, the need of the hour is to keep a check on your meals and eating habits and regulate the intake of green vegetables and fruits in your diet.
  • Acclimating to the academic expectations

Probably, you had been the topper in your high school. Maybe that is the reason you are here in your dream college. This results in germinating the same seeds of expectations in your mind. It is not so easy to achieve those in the university. So, a lot of students find themselves acclimating to their academic expectations, which is why they prefer opting forassignment helpfrom us. While we assist them with their assignments, they focus on gaining the practical aspects of the course, thereby scoring well in their examinations.
  • Managing cultural and social diversity at the university

For most of the international students, the language barrier is huge and bereft them of enjoying an easy communication process. Being international students, even you might have come across this situation in your university. Australia accommodates different students, from different background and culture. Thus, every first-year student finds it challenging to manage this cultural difference. For this, ourassignment helpstudents advice students to join student research programs and exchange programs in their first-year itself to get exposure for interacting with different students.
  • Maintaining a balance between academics and social life

It is a natural tendency of freshers to ignite all their long lost wishes and fulfil them in their university lives. This is where they fall prey to not submitting their work on time and securing low grades. As per ourassignment helpexperts, socialising is not harmful, unless it hampers your studies. The need of the hour is to efficiently balance all your assignment deadlines and other engagements.
  • Managing monetary expenses

This is the main challenge that has affected every first-year student at least once in their university lives. When a student plans to flock off to a new destination in search of better educational prospects, the first thing to consider is the expenses that he/she would incur during the course. To survive in abroad, the best thing that you can do is to finance yourself based on monetary expenses. For this, you can get engaged in a part-time job to manage your expenses. While you work them, you can earn extra bucks which will ultimately be useful for you. But, what about your assignments then? Hand it over to us! Ourassignment writersare there to take care of them for you. This brings an end to the 7 challenges that every first-year student faces in university. So, this is the journey of first-year students, right from the beginning till the time they graduate. If you have passed the first year, then you might have related to these challenges, and if you have just begun your course, then this blog will act as a slight heads-up for you.

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