How to Write an Argumentative Essay Step by Step

How to Write an Argumentative Essay
December 16, 2020
Author : Kristy

When you are drafting an argumentative essay, you must incorporate more than just opinions to make your voice heard. Your strongest stance won’t be compelling with a properly structured essay, and thus you must reinforce your ideas with solid reasoning and evidence. Learn about the argumentative essay, what makes it good, and how you can score good grades. Stick to this blog till the end to become a better writer as we will be elucidating step-by-step techniques to craft a perfect argumentative essay, just for you.

What does an Argumentative Essay Mean?

It is a piece of writing that takes a stance on a problem or situation. Its goal is to establish the stance by providing logical reasoning along with supporting evidence. As, a writer, you must persuade your readers to contemplate and support your perspective about a particular subject whilst stating your reasoning and pieces of evidence. Generally, argumentative essay topics pertain to technology, politics, science, and health care. The goal here is to clearly outline your perspective, evidence, and reasoning through a straightforward structured essay that is easy to contemplate for your readers.

Argumentative Essay It Must Have

Write your Argumentative Essay in 6 Steps

Step 1: Preparation

Choose an argumentative essay topic. Students must choose topics that have contradictory elements to it. It means, it must have multiple perspectives to it. Choose your side, and write the essay to persuade the readers to believe in your point of view by providing legitimate and logical supremacy. Your argument must incorporate human emotions. It enhances the connection between you and your readers and makes them understand your context.

Sometimes, the writers get confused about the already existing narratives on a chosen topic. But, should you find yourself in that dilemma, acquire information on their perspective to know how strong your piece of evidence needs to be. So, researching is a must to support your position. Find facts, expert opinion, logical arguments, and sometimes your personal experience also helps.

Find about what your readers might object to. It is important to elaborate a persuasive essay with a shred of powerful evidence to overrule them. Do thorough research to counter readers’ arguments and rebut them in advance. Present your strongest arguments at the end of the essay to eliminate any doubt the reader might have. So, organize and present your evidence persuasively.

Step 2: Introduction

The introductory Para must outline your topic, provide important background information to complement the arguments, outline the pieces of evidence presented, and state the thesis. Make it effective and interesting by incorporating a hook to it. A hook, as you might know, is an attention-grabber for the reader. It can be done by including a quote, an unknown-factor, draw some statistics, or produce a circumstance vividly. The hook will help you convince your reader to stick to it.

Step 3: The Thesis Statement

This section of the first Para is written concisely, and in a sentence summarizing the main point and claim. As a writer, you must introduce your topic, present your perspective to the readers, inform them about the different ways you are going to accomplish the task, and the transition of the body section. It means, make use of the last sentence of your Para for a smooth transition to the next Para.

Construct your thesis statement in a specific and focused way. The readers must understand what you are going to debate and why.

Step 4: The Body

Typically, an argumentative essay has three or more paragraphs to support and focus on a piece of evidence. It explains the intention behind your support for the thesis. Every ‘body’ paragraph should focus on evidence and incorporate a topic sentence that elucidates the reasons for the readers to entrust your opinion. This is the part where you write to back up the claims made with research, studies, examples, statistics, and text citations.

Do not let go of the opposing perspectives. Disapprove them with your explanations and maintain your logical supremacy. It will help you garner the readers’ trust. Use the rule of thumb- Support your claims that are not typical for the sake of the subject. Lead your readers through your evidence to your arguments. Challenging your readers is a nice tactic like you do in a research paper, speech writing, or even dissertation. You should not be confrontational. However, you must persuade readers to re-evaluate their perspectives. Try to include your points naturally in a sequence rather than scattering all over the essay.

Step 5: The Conclusion

This is the final step to ensure that your argumentative essay ends beautifully. It is wise to rephrase your thesis statement in your closing statements to summarize the intricate details. End your essay with a final sentence, a recommendation, or an open question to make them wonder “what lies next?”

Avoid adding any new facts and arguments to it. Moreover, you can write a personal anecdote describing how the subject affects you.

Step 6: Polish it

You have written your persuasive essay, now what? A good writer always comes back to his/her piece for an effective revision and proofreading. Ensure that it is appropriate for your readers, and the purpose along with the paper context is mentioned. Your message will be effective and controversial if it connects with your readers. If it happens, your purpose is served and it elucidates the intended content to the readers.

Take some time off, cool your mind, and come back to read your work. Ask yourself whether the essay is logical and convincing.

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