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How to Write an Essay on Ethical and Legal Issues In Nursing?

How to Write an Essay on Ethical and Legal Issues In NursingAre
July 13, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

“As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul, and body of our patients…They may not remember your name, but they will never forget the way you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

There is no denying the fact that nurses are the backbone of the entire big world of healthcare. Right from taking charge of all the nuanced tasks of keeping an eye and keeping note of every patient’s health to manage the paraphernalia and assisting the doctors in their tasks, nursing is a broad field and nurses play a very significant role in the healthcare sector. Not just being physically present for the patients, nurses have an emotional connection with them, and that’s why we agree with what Maya Angelou says that they might not remember a nurse’s name, but they will surely remember that connection. 

It is also to be mentioned here that the work environment involves several ethical or legal conundrums. It is part and parcel of being in the healthcare industry. In the last few centuries, the healthcare sector has beheld an immense development, which has brought along many new legal and ethical defies. Have you ever heard about the ethical issue in nursing? Or for that matter, have you ever heard about the legal issue in nursing? Let’s discuss this.

Before we proceed, here’s the question in which you are required to write an essay on ethical and legal issues in nursing based on a case study on a Registered Nurse, Michelle.  Make sure to research and find out how you can use the Australian Nursing Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, and RN Standards of Practice in writing the essay body. Writing a 2000-word essay takes a lot of time and effort, some students have even complained about not being able to find sufficient evidence. Work legally and ethically assignment help has offered students with all the support they needed to get past the challenges in writing such essays.    

Essay on Ethical and Legal Issues In Nursing Sample of Essay on Ethical and Legal Issues In Nursing

What Is Legal Issue In Nursing?

Below mentioned are the legal issues in the nursing sphere that are affecting the healthcare system regularly. Checkout:

  • Antitrust issues

Antitrust issues are ubiquitous in the nursing sector and are majorly divided into seven categories namely, price-fixing, monopolization, exclusive contracts, market divisions, boycotts, joint ventures, and peer review. 

  • False prerogatives

So, now false prerogatives is another legal issue in nursing which is a procedure of spotting the frauds related to the sector and abuse perpetrated by deceitful and devious nurses and physicians. 

  • Malpractice 

The major reason behind the government’s stringent work on minimising the malpractice in the medical stream and employing tort reform is to minimise the outlays on redundant services in the sector. Apart from this, it can also help in reducing global malpractice risk. 

What Is an Ethical Issue In Nursing?

Now, if you are wondering about what an ethical issue in nursing is, then let us tell you that it usually involves confidentiality, informed consent, and patient-doctor relationships. To get more insight into the same, below are some of the ethical issues that arise in the nursing sector:

  • Patient confidentiality

Under this ethical issue in nursing, there must be a confidential relationship between patients and physicians. 

  • Informed consent

Informed consent is providing thorough information to the patients regarding all the risks and benefits of the treatment he/she is undergoing. 

  • Relationships

Well, there must not be a sexual relationship between the patients or practitioners or even between the medical staff. Sexual harassment is also a BIG NO; therefore, the code of ethics should be explicit regarding this.

Ethical and Legal Issues In Nursing

What Are The 4 Main Ethical Principles In Nursing?

In Australia, there is an association, ANF that is the Australian Nursing Federation, which happens to be The Australian Nurses Association. This association issues the collection of all the accepted guidelines for the ethical nursing practice in the country. The ANF is a dynamic document, which vicissitudes with the progression in the job. It also depicts different guidelines for varied other specialties to help mavens to work legally and ethically. Below are the four main ethical principles in nursing, which helps in ensuring the optimal safety and acre of the patients:

  • Autonomy

Autonomy, in medicine, refers to the patient who has absolute control over his/her body. The nursing professionals can only advice or suggest the patients, but cannot impose or coerce into making a certain choice. If done so, it is a violation of the principle. 

  • Beneficence

This is the principle, wherein the nursing professionals have to do everything that they can to provide the due advantage to the patients in a condition whatsoever. 

  • Non-Maleficence

To be just straight and on-point, non-maleficence is the code of conduct in the healthcare sector, which means “to not harm”, as simple as that. 

  • Justice

Justice is another ethical principle in nursing, which directs all the nursing personnel to be fair in all their medical decisions.

The three concepts explained above will help you get an idea of drafting an essay on ethical and legal issues in nursing. Make sure to format it according to the APA style along with correctly cited sources. 

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