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How To Write Discussion Essay

How To Write Discussion Essay
January 31, 2019
Author : Celina

Writing a discussion essay is not a loved task. The students around the world have dreaded and hated writing essays. I am sure you are also one of them. But you have to write a discussion essay in your assignment. And you are looking for ways and tips that will help you. You are searching the internet to search for how to write the best essay that the professor has seen. I also know that you are in a hurry, you got other blogs to be. Do you want to know how can you write the perfect discussion essay? Do you want to learn what will make the essay better than others?

A Fair Warning Before We Begin This Journey.

discussion essay Yes, this can happen to you. You, you and you. Everyone. This can happen to any one of the people reading this blog. This is because these guidelines for discussion essay I am presenting are just a general approach. But you should always listen to the professor. They might have some special instructions for you depending upon the course and the assignment question. Now that all is clear, we shall move on. Let's go. Go, go, go!

Essay writing is divided into 2 parts.

This discussion essay guide has the first part where I will discuss the essay structure and how your ideas & arguments will be organised. The second part will be discussing what is the perfect style of essay writing. But please remember the warning I gave you above. I don’t want you saying, “The essay writing expert at My Assignment Services said to do it this way.” Always approve and confirm with the professor.

Part 1: Structure and Organisation

Your essay should have the best structure. Too obvious? Here is what a good essay structure needs -

  • Prior planning
  • Tells the what, why and how
  • Discuss the main idea
  • Connect different ideas logically
  • Uses paragraphs to distinguish ideas

Discussion essay is, as the name suggests, a discussion. You have to explore and describe. There are a couple of things that you need to do for a perfect essay structure. By perfect essay structure, I do not mean to change the traditional format. No. The perfect essay structure is that fulfils the purpose of each section that is being written in the discussion essay.


The purpose of the introduction is to arouse the interest of the reader. discussion essay help The professor will be judging a lot of marks of the essay on how you have written the introduction and if you are being able to pique the interest. The introduction should tell what you are going to discuss in this discussion essay. You will explain the question in your own words and then define your primary argument. This is also called writing a thesis statement. End it by telling what will you do and how. Once done, change the paragraph and start with the body.

Main Body

The main body is where all the arguments and their justification of the discussion essay will be found. You have to do nothing but explain the points written in the introduction in a detailed manner. The golden rule to follow - One Idea, One Paragraph. discussion essay tips Remember, you are not writing a high school essay. Do not be so surprised. Think little more than what you see. Look from a different perspective and think what would others think by looking at what you are being asked to describe. Discussion essays also need critical thinking. You cannot just ignore this.

Forming your arguments

Take an example. Imagine that your professor asked to discuss the recent flood in Queensland. A novice will discuss -

  • Devastating
  • The garages have been shut down but houses look okay
  • The streets are flooded
  • Some trees are blown to the roads

Now think critically for a discussion essay. You will get pointers like -

  • Though the houses are okay, were there people trapped?
  • Are the houses damaged to collapse at any moment?
  • Do people need rescuing?
  • Is there fresh water in the taps?
  • Is power still active after trees have fallen?

This was just an example. Do not take it literally. The discussion essay needs your analysis a little more than a fifth grader.

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What to write?

The discussion should be of the events. Explain in detail what happened, what did you experience and what are the facts revolving around the said event. Taking the above example further, you can use historical data in your discussion essay. discussion essay help in Australia Write the ideas in a logical manner. By logical, I mean that every idea must be expressed such that it is connected to the next one. The reader should not feel like a bumpy ride where the author is throwing one argument after another. Do not forget to mention the most important points. Emphasise on them. Explain them to the readers. The discussion essay is based on exploration and questioning. The more you read, the more you search and the more you justify, the better will be your discussion. Writing a 1000 word long content is not easy. Especially when it is an academic one. Therefore, make it a habit to prepare a mind map or a brainstorming note. Writing a discussion essay will look like a child’s play with this. Sit alone with the topic and write down everything you know. Explore all the dimensions that are possible, every detail that is related and you can think of. After brainstorming once, you should identify the flaws and look for loopholes. Because if you do not find shortcomings of the discussion essay, the professor will. You know what? You should take the brainstorming notes to our essay writing help experts. We can tell you what more you need to think about a better assignment answer.


Once you have written the essay, it is time to wrap it up. Like all good things, the discussion essay will also end. The conclusion is just a repetition of what has already been discussed in the essay above. You will not present a new argument here and only state the general and obvious deductions. Always remember to give the essay a closing. Do not leave the readers hanging and provide an answer to the title or discussion essay question in the end.

Part 2: Style of Writing

discussion essay writing Australia This decision is not easy for the students, I know. One can easily lose track of writing requirements while writing their discussion essay. But make sure that you avoid it as much as you can. Moreover, the academic document should always be written in a formal academic tone. It doesn’t matter if the topic is informal, you have to keep it formal. Always.

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