How To Write Financial Management Analysis Assignment Answer

How To Write Financial Management Analysis Assignment Answer
March 13, 2019
Author : Jess Healy

The students pursuing finance, accounting, and business studies courses have to deal with stock market and the complexities it brings. And due do that, the assignments become a little bit difficult for the students to solve. That is why My Assignment Services offer financial management analysis assignment help to students which helps them write their assignment university answers.

This blog will tell you everything that you need to know to solve your financial management analysis assignments.

A free sample makes everything better.

This is a BUS5IAF assessment 2 part B that I solved and provided 100% unique and plagiarism-free solution in. See the question below -

You can see in the question file that you have to prepare a report. You have to think like a financial consultant and answer a set of questions in the question file. Do not try to search them in the screenshot above as I have not attached them.

Have patience, mate. In due time, everything will be clear.

Beginning with the answers to the questions.

What do we have in the first set of questions?

To write the short-term and long-term debts that the chosen firm uses, we have to consider the annual reports of the company we have chosen.

This will give us a few sources that we have to classify into short term and long term. In my BUS5IAF assessment 2 answers, it looked like -

As you can see in the solution above, there are several sources which can lead to long term debts. Moreover, these sources are either secure or insecure, i.e. it tells you which debt should you stay away from and which one should you not.

To check if the debt structure of the company is consistent with the industry, we have to see the peer group of the company. Afterwards, we take into note the market capitalisation. Then, after applying some cool-looking accounting formulas, we calculate the debt-equity ratio. Using this ratio, we can see if our company lies above, at or below the competitors.

This is what a debt-equity ratio looks like -

There are other questions as well but I have other sections to discuss as well. So, if you want to get other answers, you can take financial management analysis assignment help at My Assignment Services.

Bringing in the second set of questions.

The cost of equity for the company can be calculated using this formula -

And how do you find the growth rate of the dividends for the company you have chosen - the company data in the annual reports. From this data,  you can find the expected dividend for the next year.

To calculate the revenue of the company, we need to compare the current year's revenue with the previous year. Through that, we can also see what percentage the increase or decrease in the revenue is. We can see the changes in the earnings of the company. Using that, we can find the effect it has on the net profit after tax.

For answers to more questions in this section, you know what to do. Yes, contact financial management analysis assignment help experts at My Assignment Services!

Let us see what the third set of questions have in store for us.

The first question asks us to find the weighted average cost of capital of the company. To find this, you should know the formula given below -

Also, in financial analysis, we can sometimes find that there is a difference between the cost of debt and cost of equity. This is because the cost of debt is usually secured in nature with fixed commitment. But in the cost of equity, there is no security or guarantee given with regards to the returns. The debt is a charge on the profit and loss account while equity dividend is subject to the profits generated.

Also, there is a question which asks if we should include the current liabilities in the cost of capital calculation. What do you think? Yes? No, we should not include current liabilities in the cost of capital calculations. Since capital is a combination of debt and equity, it is a  long time investment. Being a long term investment, it takes into the umbrella the long term debts only.

A professional financial management analysis assignment writer like me at My Assignment Services can provide you with all the answers that you are looking for to this question set.

Or, you can take the better end of the deal.

Get a solved solution to this question at My Assignment Services.

You can either get a solved answer to this question from the financial management analysis assignment help experts that you can use to prepare your own solution to the question. But I know that it is not an easy task still.

So, why don’t you send us the assignment and we will give you back a 100% original and unique, high-quality assignment answer along with a free Turnitin report.

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