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How to Write the MGT2HRM Policy Design Assignment Answer?

Here are the Tips for Write the MGT2HRM Policy Design Assignment Answer
July 25, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

In every organisation, HR policies serve the tenacity of achieving organizational goals effectively. For smooth and sound HRM workings, it is imperative to have properly designed HR policies, which happen to be the yardstick through which the achievements of the programs within the organisation can be measured. In the subject, MGT2HRM, you will learn about the issues involved, both strategic and operational, when it comes to managing the employees. Of course, for writing the assignment, you will also need to explore the challenges related to human resource management and policy faced by Australian organisations. In this blog, we shall give you a deeper analysis of what is policy design and how you can go about with the MGT2HRM assignment. Let’s begin.

what is a policy

Prerequisites of Writing the MGT2HRM Assignment

MGT2HRM Assignment Sample MGT2HRM Assignment Sample 2

The MGT2HRM is an assignment for which you should have a good knowledge of policy design, social and industrial relations, and various other basic concepts in the HRM. The feasibility and approval of the assignment depend on the factors such as the technicalities and authenticity of the content that you put in the assignment. For this MGT2HRM policy design assignment, we have our team of experts who will help you out with it. But if you decide to do it by yourself, then below are a few elements that must be included in your assignment:

Policy Development

  • Policy statement

  • Legislation

  • Procedure wherein you have to include a flowchart or 1-page diagram

  • Accountabilities

  • Evaluate the measures taken

  • References 

  • Appendices (if required)

What are the Steps to be Involved in Analysing Policy Design?

1. Ascertain the areas

The first and foremost thing to do is to identify the areas where the HR policies are needed. For instance, the significant areas may be like selection, training, recruitment, compensation, etc. And in case, if needed, you may devise certain new policies dealing with the new HR issues. 

2. Gather the data

Once you are done with the selection of the area, the next relevant thing to do is to gather the data. In this, you can collect the data related to past records of the company such as industry practices or top management policies. It is also to be noted here that whilst analysing the policies, the employee aspirations and organizational culture must be considered. 

3. Assessment of the alternatives

By the time you have collected all the data from the previous records of a firm, now it’s time to start evaluating the alternatives. These would be done in context to their contribution to the desired goal. These alternatives must be made in congruence with other organizational policies and must focus on the furtherance of the already applicable HR system of the company. 

4. Communicating the policy

Under this section of the policy analysis, one has to communicate the policy to the ones who are directly involved. It should be made clear cut to all the employees of the company. You can examine the in-house journals, the policy manual, notice boards, intranet, etc. 

5. Assessment of the policy

Now in this section, you can talk about the importance of assessing the policy on regular intervals and why is it vital to do so. HR policies must be designed to endorse common interests by making the working environment safe and healthy. Here, the policy must be reviewed at the organizational level thoroughly. 

What are all agendas of the committee to include in MGT2HRM Policy Design?

There is no denying that the agenda of the committee to include in your assignment may be different from one organisation to the other. It all depends on the nature of a firm as well as its procedures. Below mentioned are some of the must-have agendas in the policy design. 

  • Selection procedure

  • The training process and its duration

  • Incentives

  • Work periods, vacations, and hours

  • Wages and salaries

  • Labour relations

  • Appraisals

  • Promotions

  • Grievances and employees’ discipline

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