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How to Write a Thesis Statement for an Expository Essay?

Thesis Statement for an Expository Essay
May 01, 2021
Author : Kristy

You would know what a thesis statement is, wouldn’t you? Putting it simply, a thesis statement sets a concrete foundation for the entire essay or research paper. Within an expository essay, the main purpose of a thesis statement is to assert your viewpoint for which you need your readers to agree upon.

A lot of times students get curious to know how a successful thesis statement would look to be. Well, ideally a thesis statement that is able to lay out the central theme in an essay in just one or two sentences is said to be an appropriate thesis statement for an expository essay. However, drafting one is not as easy as it seems to be.

Knowing all the hardships that students face in this task, we have maintained an experienced panel of essay writers in our team who not only guide them through this process but also hand them over with a wide range of expository essay topics that serve as impeccable topics for an essay. This way, we have aided several students in getting a step closer to their dream grades. In this blog, we will be talking more about how to write a thesis statement for an expository essay. So, let us begin.

common types of expository essay

Expository Essay Thesis Statements Examples Drafted By Our Essay Writing Help Experts

Just like the name suggests, the main purpose of an expository essay is “to expose” a new topic to the reader; he/she gets to know something more about the topic that was not known till now. So, if you’ve been given the task to draft a thesis statement for an expository essay, then your focus should be on taking your readers around what you will be discussing or explaining throughout the entire essay.

To let you know better how to do this, or rather how our essay help experts do this, we have got some of the examples of expository essay thesis statements that have been curated by us for the reference purpose of students.

Hover over these to get clarity on this task, after which it will get quite easy for you to work upon your own thesis statements.

  1. The United States focuses a lot more than other nations combined on their military budget.
  2. There has always been an increase in the overall number of homicides with guns and suicides.
  3. As per the FBI, there has not been any decline in the number of hate crimes, rather it seems to accelerate every year.
  4. The risk of strokes and irregular heartbeats increase with PTSD.

See how our essay writers have been able to cascade the main essence of each of the expository essays that will be formulated in these thesis statements. This is how expository thesis statements ought to be. Hopefully, you have now understood how to write a thesis statement for an expository essay. If not, then you can always consult our essay helpers for guidance.

This was just the case of an expository essay; over the years, we have been engaged in bringing out the best academic guidance for students. Irrespective of whether it is a narrative, expository, persuasive, analytical, or any other kind of essay, seeking our essay writing services has always been of great help to students all over the world. Through the live one-on-one sessions, several students have also got effective tips and tricks of essay writing that have made it a lot easier for them to work upon the essays and submit them on time.

In a step-by-step manner, our essay writers proceed with this task. Make sure you follow these steps if you wish to curate a detailed thesis statement for an expository essay.

  1. Know the purpose of the topic that you have chosen for your essay.
  2. Be clear with the evidence that you will be using to back up the arguments
  3. Try to find the main essence of the essay, and accordingly formulate the thesis statement that will help readers know the main idea that your essay will discuss.

Now, let us talk about some of the topics for expository essays that we have drafted in the recent few years.

Expository Essay Topics That Our Experts Have Worked Upon

Over a decade now, we have managed to establish a large repository of essays that we have provided to students. Now that we have given you a brief idea of how to write a thesis statement for expository essays, it is time to aware you of some of the best expository essay topics that we have worked upon lately.

These are:

  1. How are virtual classrooms different from real classrooms?
  2. Role of parents in their children’s education
  3. Pros and cons of artificial intelligence
  4. Transformation of thinking on mental illness in the recent few years
  5. Discuss the roles of varied perception

If you’re still clueless about which topics to choose for your expository essays, then you can pick any of these. Our essay writers have worked upon these and they have proved to be interesting topics to start with. For all your queries, we’re available 24*7 at your convenience.

How Do Our Essay Writers Help Students In Coming Out With Flying Colours?

Having a firm command over all the nuances of writing an essay, our professional experts are all set to guide you through all your doubts and help you come out with flying colours. With the help of our wide range of added perks, there would not be anything that will be left for us to cater to.

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  2. Multiple quality check procedures followed by our client satisfaction manager
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