How To Write A Topic Sentence?

example of topic sentence
October 28, 2021
Author : Kristy

“Whenever I write my essays, the readers do not understand what I want to convey in it”, says Tasha, a student at Monash University, Australia.

Just like her, there are hundreds of thousands all around the world who do not understand why they are not able to secure top-notch grades in their essays or any other kind of assignment. If you ask us, then we would say, it is because the work lacks effective topic sentences to brief the readers.

According to our academic writing help experts, topic sentences are those potent tools that help in enhancing the legibility of the academic papers, thereby giving a brief overview of what has been discussed in the entire assignment to the readers. But, How to Write a Topic Sentence?

This is what we will be dealing with in this blog. My Assignment Services is a dedicated organisation in Australia that hosts an experienced team of more than 3,000 Ph.D. writers who make assignments simpler for students worldwide. So, let us get started and explore the world of topic sentences.

Example of a Topic Sentence

It is the opening sentence in any of the paragraphs that acts as the reflection for the idea that has been discussed in it. Topic sentences need to be broad so that it becomes possible for us to include a variety of subtopics and examples under it to give clarity to the readers about our topic.

With the help of a topic sentence, readers also get introduced to the main theme of the entire piece of academic writing. Or in other words, we can say, incorporating a topic sentence in a paragraph is a way to structure the assignment in the most effective way.

This is one of the examples of a topic sentence that has been prepared by our essay writers recently for the reference purpose of students.

Example: Dogs make wonderful pets because they help us in leading a longer life.

The topic of this essay is “dogs are wonderful pets” and the main idea that has been introduced here is “dogs help us in living longer”.

Many students get confused with the difference between topic sentences and thesis statements.

topic sentences

Hopefully, now you are clear with both of these sentences. Let us focus on topic sentences in this blog and give you a brief overview of How to Write a Topic Sentence.

2 Crucial Components of a Topic Sentence

Over the years, our experts have guided a lot of students on writing impeccable topic sentences, and this way, we have become proficient in this field. Owing to this, our academic writers have come up with the two most vital components of a topic sentence for you. Whenever you are writing the topic sentence, then you just have to keep these two points in mind.

  1. There must be the topic in the sentence that will be discussed in the paragraph
  2. For each of the paragraphs, there are some central points that must be included in the topic sentences as well.

These also help in smoothing the transition between the ideas that have been elaborated upon in each of the paragraphs. If you have these points in your topic sentences, then definitely the readers will get what you want to convey in your work. So, make sure you adhere to these pointers while writing the topic sentences in your essay or any assignment. Now, we are in a position to proceed ahead to help you understand How to Write a Topic Sentence.

Example of a Topic Sentence That Has Been Written By One Of Our Academic Experts

Till now, don’t you know the wonders that a topic sentence does to your work? Well, you will understand this only when you see it yourself. In the image below, our assignment help experts have tried to give you an idea of how a paragraph looks without and after using a topic sentence.

Topic Sentence Example

The above paragraph in the image is the original sentence that we had written earlier. In the below paragraph, the sentence in bold is the topic sentence. Notice how the legibility of the paragraph enhances because of the topic sentence. This is how we add a topic sentence at the beginning of the essay. Now, let us come to how to use a topic sentence in the conclusion paragraph.

Topic Sentence sample

This is the conclusion of an essay that our experts covered a few days back. The first one is the original concluding paragraph where there is no topic sentence. On the contrary, notice the last sentence of the second paragraph. This is the topic sentence that our essay writing help experts have used to enhance the readability of the work.

Hopefully, you have understood the difference that a topic sentence creates in a paragraph. Be it the introduction, or the conclusion, if you are thorough with topic sentences, then you won’t lose out on your grades. There are several other aspects of a topic sentence that you need to know. If you want our academic writing help experts to guide you through them, then you just need to let us know. We are available all throughout the day and night to cater to your doubts. We will get back to you within a few moments.

Get Academic Assistance for Writing Your Topics Sentences

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