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Ever Wondered, Why Introduction and Conclusion are Important in Assignment Writing?

Introduction and Conclusion are Important in Assignment Writing
February 24, 2021
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We all know that introductions and conclusions are an essential component of a piece, but ever wondered why? Well, we will be answering the same question in this blog.

These two components work to book-end the argument made in the body paragraphs by explaining the points that are to be made in the later section (Introduction) and then summarising the points made (Conclusion).

Why Do We Write Introduction and Conclusion?

importance of Introduction and Conclusion

Suppose, that you are reading an essay without an introduction. It might start something like this: ‘The king killed the noblemen in his palace, and the courtyard watched as a mute spectator. Nobody defended the poor soul, slaughtered in the presence of hundreds of men’. At this point, you might question why the king killed the man, and nobody questioned him. In other words, you have not been introduced to the idea of the writer.

Then imagine that the essay ends like this: ‘The king lived happily with his wives in the palace’. Here, you might feel that the writer has finished rather abruptly. The writer has only provided specific information but has left you feeling with the notion that the idea is not tied up effectively. Without an introduction and a conclusion, there remains only the body of the essay for perusal.

On the other hand, a well-structured essay will lead the readers into the body and then lead them out again, so that their final journey has been a satisfying expedition that feels complete. If you are struggling with the use of these two components effectively then get assignment writing help from the best. Visit ‘myassignmentservices.com’ now to get professional help on your essay.


The introduction is usually the first paragraph of your paper or essay. The aim of writing an introductory part is to make readers aware of the different possibilities to expect from a certain essay. ‘myassignmentservices.com’ provides some tips for your assignment writing help for a good introduction.

Attract your Reader’s Attention

Begin your introduction with a ‘hook’ that can catch your reader’s attention and introduces the topic.

Now, how do you make a “hook”?

  • Tell interesting facts or statistical data about your topic
  • Ask questions
  • Clear the stereotype or misconception about your topic
  • Set the scene of your story: Introduce your character, who, when, where, what, why, and how.

State Your Topic

Stating a topic must follow after creating the hook. You should mention what is your topic? What your paper is about? Mention the importance of your stated topic and a little bit of background information to establish a context. Do not feel hesitant in seeking assignment writing help. Visit ‘myassignmentservices.com’ for any queries.

State Your Idea

Furthermore, it is important to include your main idea statement. The kind of idea you include in your essay or paper, depends on its type, but generally, your idea should comprise:

  • Specific topic
  • Important point
  • The points of discussion incorporated in your paper.
  • Note that your ideas must be clear and easy to understand. Usually, we encompass the idea in the last sentence of the introduction. Moreover, keep the length of the introduction to 10% of your whole project word count.


The conclusion does not need to repeat any background already mentioned in the introduction. People make the mistake of cutting and pasting the already mentioned points from their introduction. This is inappropriate for two reasons:

  • It is self-plagiarism
  • Repetition

Do not repeat the same information, and do not try to tell your readers the procedure and methods undertaken to write an essay because they are simply not interested. If you add this irrelevant information in your essay, you are focusing on your actions in writing, rather than the ideas of the essay.

importance of Introduction and Conclusion tips

A conclusion reminds your readers about the main aspects of your paper and summarises what they want to “take away” from your discussion.

  • Note: Do not add new information to a conclusion. If something is essential put it in the body of the assignment. ‘com’ provides the best assignment writing help. The experts provide more such tips for students in need.

Essay Structure

  • Introduction- 10%
  • Body- 80%
  • Conclusion- 10%

An introduction should start with general information and become more specific. It may comprise several of the following:

  • An opening statement- It informs the readers about the general topic and helps in capturing your reader’s attention and draws them into the later section.
  • Background information on your topic- Only provide enough background info for contextual purposes. You may have to articulate more information in the main body of your essay.
  • Paraphrase the question- Show your lecture that you understand the question by rephrasing it.
  • Subtle hints for stating why the topic is important
  • A gap in previous research- Indicate what still needs to be informed in a particular area, and where your research fits into the wider body of knowledge.
  • Explain important words and terms- Define the most important words, briefly. Furthermore, the definition may need to be provided in the main body.
  • References- Give limited references to strengthen your arguments
  • Subtopics indication- Inform your readers about the smaller areas you will address in the essay
  • A thesis statement- It provides a plan of action for your assignment. Moreover, it clarifies what your main points will be and what perspective you will stick to. Usually, the thesis statement is written at the end of the introduction in one or two sentences.

Many people face trouble with introductions because they use it as a means of planning their essay. You should always plan it before writing your essay or paper; in fact, you can write the introduction last, after you have produced the main body along with the conclusion. That way you will know exactly what you are introducing. If you are facing challenges whilst writing an introduction, get assignment writing help at ‘myassignmentservices.com’.

Moreover, a conclusion begins with specific information and later becomes more general. It may comprise of the following:

  • A summary of the important points- It is important to remind your readers of the main aspects of your writing but avoid repetitions.
  • Your findings- Re-emphasise your discoveries after doing extensive research on your topic.
  • Your response to the question, possibly with apt solutions- Restate your main arguments to remind readers of your suggested solutions to any queries raised in your assignment.
  • Remaining queries- Indicate what remains to be solved. Do not be scared to admit that you do not have a solution to everything.
  • Areas for future research- Provide suggestions for future research that could address common issues.
  • A strong final sentence- Link your opinion to the broader topic in a strong final sentence that leaves your readers with an overall impression of your magnificent views on the subject.

Visit ‘myassignmentservices.com’ for any assignment writing help you need. We not only provide free samples but numerous experts with more than 5 years of experience in their respective fields, plagiarism-free along with error-free assignments, on-time delivery, confidentiality agreement, and many more. We want you to understand the importance of the introduction and conclusion perfectly to write a perfect assignment.

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