My Assignment Services Celebrates International Women’s Day 2021!

International Women’s Day 2021
March 08, 2021
Author : Bill

8th March marks International Women’s Day (IWD), an event that is celebrated all over the world. The day glorifies the achievements of women, simultaneously calling out for gender equality.

My Assignment Services is pacing ahead on the motto of this day, that is, “think equal, build smart and innovate for change”. Knowing the role that assignments have in academics, we are playing our part in making it easier for empowering women by giving them reliable academic assistance, whenever they get stuck with their academic tasks.

As rightly said by Frida Kahlo, “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can”, what it takes is just some opportunities that are given to us. However, there is still a large gap between talking about equal opportunities and giving them in reality, that needs to be worked upon.

The main plea of this significant day is to forge gender equality, which is why, this year, #ChooseToChallenge and #IWD2021 hashtags are trending. Only when the gap between men and women will be filled, we will be in an actual position to pay tribute to the accolades of women, isn’t it?

Women's Right

When Did It All Begin?

International women’s day is something that is trending all over social media. But, is it something worth celebrating? Or it is something that is an actual protest? For more than a century, all around the world, people have been celebrating it. Let’s see why.

Interestingly, this event is a result of the labour movement. In the year 1908, the first seeds of gender equality germinated in the minds of women, when over 15,000 women participated in the march in New York. This march centred around the demand for shorter working hours, better pay scale and also the right to exercise their vote. Consequently, a year later, the first women’s day was declared by the Socialist party of America.

How Did ‘Women’s Day’ Become ‘International Women’s Day’?

A woman named Clara Zetkin was the first women to make this day ‘International’. The conference of Working Women in Copenhagen took place in 1910 where she suggested this idea. Among the 100 women there, who were from 17 different countries, a decision was made unanimously and it was known as ‘International Women’s Day’.

How Is It Celebrated Around The World?

  • In many of the countries around the world like Russia, this day is seen as a national holiday. In Russia, the sale of flowers shoots up to triple or quadruple around International Women’s Day.
  • In China, the State Council advises giving half-day off to women. However, this decision is not mandatory and depends on the employer.
  • In Italy, International Women’s Day is also known as ‘Festa Della Donna’. Here, this day is marked by providing Mimosa blossom to women. Though the origin of this ritual is yet to be discovered, it is believed that it began in Rome post World War Two.
  • In countries like the US, the entire march is dedicated to Women’s History Month. In this, the achievements of the American women are honoured by the presidential proclamation.

International Women's Day

What Is Happening In 2021?

This year’s International Women’s Day campaign has selected the theme of “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a world that is trapped within the paws of COVID-19”.

Due to the present pandemic conditions of the world, this women’s day would be like no other. With the unlocking of the lockdown conditions worldwide, the aim of the womens’ day campaign this year is to end the exclusion and marginalization of women. For this, women have to be given the seat for decision making that can bring about a change in the condition of women in society presently and the years to follow.

Join Hands With Us And Celebrate International Women’s Day!

My Assignment Services is a dedicated organisation that safeguards the needs of students. Since 2010, we have contributed immensely in making education accessible to women all over the world by providing them with high-quality academic guidance. We do not let the quest for knowledge in them dwindle; with the help of our value-added services, we make their experience with us worthwhile.

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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