Lakeland Wonders Case Study Assessment Answer

Lakeland Wonders Case Study Assessment Answer
January 09, 2020
Author : Charles Hill

Organisational change refers to altering the working of an organisation to adapt to the given conditions and management is the subject that deals with this concept. And what’s a better form of assessment than a management case study to know how well a student understands this concept? Probably, that’s why most of the students choose to help from our management experts when they need guidance on these case study assessment tasks. My Assignment Services has an abundance of prolific assignment writers who specialise in management studies. Organisational change management is one of those areas where we have assisted thousands of students. Be it an essay, a report or even a case study, we have attended all their queries. In this blog, with the help of Lakeland wonders case study, we will simplify this topic and help you understand it better so that you can secure good grades in these management case study tasks.

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I. The nature of change

This 1000-words report must describe how a particular organisation adapts to change. It contributes 30% to the overall grades.

II. Assessing organisational change

This is the assessment 2 and contributes 40% to the overall grades. In this 2500-words report, students are required to assess several aspects that they might face during an organisational change programme. Our management report writing experts advise students to talk about the approach that they plan to take to explain organisational change and also suggest a list of recommendations that they feel would bring improvement in the organisation.

III. Business memo on the ethics of managing resistance

In this final assessment, you are required to write a memo that puts forth all the business ethics that your organisation will adhere to, to resist the organisational change in the firm. In this blog, we would talk about assessment 1 Lakeland Wonders case in detail, as it is the most recurrent assignment solved by our experts. If you want us to help you with assessment 2 and assessment 3, you can talk to our management assignment help through guided sessions experts.

How To Write Assessment 1 Lakeland Wonders Case Study?

The report that you have to write in assessment 1 has to be on the nature of change in the organisation. After reading the Lakeland wonders case, you need to encapsulate the reasons that you think have initiated the change in the organisation. Make sure that you do not exceed the word limit, nor write less than that. Let us see how management report writing experts write this report. Assessment help 1 In the given case study, Cheryl Hailstorm is the name of the organisation which you need to analyse in the context of organisational change. So, the reference report that is written by our report writing help experts is an explanation of the strategies that the company has used to adapt to the changing working conditions. It has to be noted that in every organisational change management process, there is a certain gap that needs to be pointed out so as not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Also, the alternative approach that our management assignment help through guided sessions experts use is backed up with relevant scholarly articles to provide credibility to our Lakeland wonders case study assessment answer. In addition to this, we take 6 steps to implement the organisational change in the assignments. Let us talk about them now.

6 Steps To Implement Organisational Change Management

As per our management report writing help experts, be it a case study or in a real-world organisation, implementing change is the first step towards understanding the nature of change. Thus, we use 6 steps to implement the change in this Lakeland wonder case report. These help us formulate better reports for the reference purpose of students.
  1. Make use of expert guidance to adjust to lead change
  2. Include change managers for the decision-making process
  3. Analysing gaps
  4. Bring a change management team to action
  5. Devise out an appropriate plan for change management
  6. Implement the devised change management plan
Using these 6 steps, our management assignment help through guided sessions experts complete drafting the report. In this process, we also find appropriate solutions for the problems addressed in the Lakeland wonders case. However, this is not the entire solution of this management report writing assessment answer. In this brief discussion, we have touched upon only those aspects that are vital for this assignment. In case you require the complete solution of this case or any other similar cases, then it is the right time for you to reach us for guidance. We are sure with our intricately-designed reference assignment solutions, you will be able to write comprehensive reports with much ease.

What Are The Common Types of Organisational Changes that You Should Know?

Let’s take a look at these organisational changes and try incorporating them in the case study tasks or reports to make them more credible:

1. Planned change

As the name suggests, when there is a proper plan to bring changes in an organistaion, it is known as planned change. With the dedicated efforts of employees and the manager, in this change, the organisation adapts to new conditions to meet the goals of the organisation.

2. Technology-related changes

According to our experts, organisational change management related to knowledge management in a workplace refers to technology-related changes. These include bringing in new problem-solving and decision-making changes, the introduction of new computers, altering the unit of production, etc.

3. Task-related changes

The way employees in an organisation function come under task-related changes. Every company can either function based on two tasks, that are work performance and internal work motivation. When these tasks are altered for suiting the needs of employees, it is known as task-related changes.

4. Structure-related changes

Redefining the relationships that are built within an organisation is what structure-related changes bring in. For instance, when there is a change in hierarchical levels, line-staff and functional authority and more.

5. People-related changes

As per our management assignment help through guided sessions experts, people-related changes are those changes that affect an organisation the most. This is because all the above-mentioned changes take place depending upon the requirements of people working in an organisation.

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