Assignment of the Week: MAE203 Global Economy Assessment Answer

Assignment of the Week: MAE203 Global Economy Assessment Answer
January 20, 2020
Author : Mike McDonnell

The world of economics is huge and yet to be explored completely by students. Set in different systems, the paradigm of the world economy is tedious to comprehend. MAE203, the global economy, is an effort by the Australian universities to help students understand the Australian economic system within this global context.

My Assignment Services hosts a dedicated panel of economics assignment help through guided sessions experts who have mastered the skills of drafting complex reference assignments on this topic and several other similar ones.

What Is the Unit, MAE203 Global Economy,  All About?

This unit is a deep analysis of the existing macroeconomic policies and policies that are associated with the Australian economic system. When you will study this unit, you will get a framework that will help you comprehend how the world economy and the fragmented sectors of its work.

A variety of sectors like household, business, government and international etc are analysed in the assignments that are rolled out to students.

So, before you begin writing such an assignment, you must be thorough with economics topics such as economic growth, exchange rates, unemployment, payment balance, inflation and more. If you are unclear with any of these concepts, then our economics assignment help through guided sessions experts can assist you to understand them and apply in these assignments.

MAE203 Global Economy Written Assignment

When you decide to study this unit, you will get a written assignment to submit that contributes 25% to the overall grades for this unit.

You have to perform a question analysis on Reserve Bank decision. There are three questions in this MAE203 economics assignment which need to be analysed in terms of the Australian economic system and the global economic system at large.

three separate article

This assignment is divided into three articles that you have to write separately for each of the questions. All the questions carry different marks, based on what all needs to be included in their answers.

Let us give you a brief idea of how our economics assignment writing experts draft the reference solutions on this for students.

Article 1 Question Analysis

When you analyse this question, the answer for it has to be written in about 600 words. The article is based on the downside risks to the global economy. Here, our economics assignment writers talk about two possible risks that the Reserve Bank has suggested in the global economic context.

Article 1

In the reference article drafted by our experts, there has been a mention of several concepts like the circular flow of income, national income, labour, risk of decline of the foreign trade market, fall in the interest rate and the inflation rate etc.

With each of these concepts, we have made use of some instances that relate these with the current Australian economy as well as the global economic system. This way, our economics assignment help through guided sessions teams address the following question analysis with appropriate references from credible and authentic sources of information.

Article 2 Question Analysis

Again, the article for this question 2 analysis is to be written in 600 words. This is based on the topic of Australian economic growth. With the help of the data in the Australian Bureau of Statistics website, our experts present an analysis of the Australian National Accounts in this answer.

Article 2

In this article, we also talk about the rate of change of economic growth in Australia between June 2019 and September 2019.

Based on the GDP accounts given in the Australian Bureau of Statistics, our economics assignment writing service providers found it between 0.4 to 0.6 %.

A lot of different macroeconomic variables were considered, in order to analyse the economic growth of Australia between the given time period. These are:

  1. Government spending
  2. Household consumption
  3. Capital formation
  4. The stock of goods
  5. Export and imports
  6. Production

In the end, all the data and the figures have been tabulated this way:

data and the figures

Each of these variables has been analysed in this question, based on which the overall Australian economic growth has been calculated to be 1.7% between June 2019 and September 2019.

If you got stuck in calculating any of these variables or find relevant instances for these, then you can take help from our economics assignment writers. We will help you in every step so that you get an idea on drafting perfect MAE203 economics assignment and secure top-notch grades in them.

Article 3 Question Analysis

Article 3

This article is based on the Expenditure Chain Volume Measures. Here, there is an event given, upon which you need to comment. To perform this question analysis for article 3, our economics assignment help through guided sessions experts incorporate an aggregate expenditure diagram to illustrate the impact that increasing the transfer payment would have on the Australian economy.

In this answer, we present a logical argument and back it up with relevant and authentic instances and evidence in about 800 words.

To make it credible and easily comprehensible, our experts talk about factor payment which is the total opposite of transfer payment. As given in the question file, we also explain the concept of ‘new start’. This is the most important factor for economic growth and thus, forms a major section of this global economic system assignment.

Including various instances and evidence, we formulate all the data and information in the form of the Aggregate Expenditures Model, as shown below.

This brings an end to this MAE203 The Global Economy assignment. However, there are a lot of other vital elements as well that couldn’t be discussed in this brief approach. So, if you require us to give you an in-depth analysis on this assignment, then what you need to do is just submit all the requirements to our economics assignment help through guided sessions experts now and we will help you furnish praiseworthy assignments in a jiffy.

Points to Remember While Writing the MAE203 Economics Assignment

The reason why these assignments take a lot of time is that students overlook certain vital elements in the work, which ultimately leads to the wastage of a lot of time later. Realising this, our experts are here with a list of imperative points that must be there in your assignments.

So, have a look at these and make sure you have them in your global economic system assignment.

  1. Key macroeconomic concepts in a global context such as the circular flow of income, exchange rates, national income accounting, unemployment, income determination, the role of inflation of money, the multiplier, economic cycles, economic growth etc.
  2. Graphically represented information and data concerning the macroeconomic variables
  3. Role of monetary and fiscal policy within the Australian globalised economy
  4. Underlining opportunities for global economists

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