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Moving Towards a Dissertation – The Methodology Section

dissertation methodology

In our last video, we have explained the overall structure of the literature review, the checklist that you might require for the literature review and further to differentiate between the secondary and primary sources while constructing a literature review. Now, in this week’s video, we will move on with creating a proper formal and structured dissertation. We will be enlightening you about the methodology section as this is one of the most important section in a dissertation. As it defines the flow of your entire research, according to our experts from dissertation help once this section is right half of your research is sorted.

Our dissertation writing services have explained some of the basic components of a dissertations methodologies as you are supposed to mention what databases you are using, what keywords are been used. Moreover, the actual sample which has been used, your method of shortlisting the final article and also the method of the data analysis which has been used. You will be guided with the detailing of these as;

  • In databases, you need to provide a comprehensive list of all databases which you will be using to research your article. You need to keep in mind that different domains will have different databases but you need to create a proper list.
  • For the keywords again you need to be very specific with telling what keywords you are using to locate your research material. You can use BOOLEAN searches, truncation or even any other strategy. But in any case, you need to specifically tell what keywords you have used to get to the final research article.
  • In the sample, there are two basic components one the scholar has to specify the exact sample size of the participants. Second, the sampling technique or what kind of sampling it needs to be specified. Whether it is a non-probability sampling or probability sampling or what specific type of sampling it is which will be followed by a justification for adopting that particular strategy.
  • Now our expert of dissertation help explained the method and analysis, wherein methods basically referred to the process that the scholar has followed to further shortlist the final set of the article which was used in the research. There would be a screening of titles, followed by shortlisting or reading through abstract of each of this article. Now, once you are familiar with the abstract you need to download the full-text material for this article and then you are supposed to shortlist and screen again for a final list of articles which you will actually using. For data analysis, you need to give a snapshot of what methodology will be followed. Basically, what technique would you use to get to the final result or either way tie the conclusion together.

Now, in order to get a deeper understanding of the methodologies of the dissertation, click on the video and allow us to further help you with your dissertation. This video will be saving your time and will also allow you to patiently focus on your dissertation. With these types of help, scholars can definitely improve on their research for the dissertation.

There will be an overall discussion on the methodologies section provided by dissertation writing service expert. In the next week video, she would be providing detail sections which are necessary to create a dissertation and will also be guiding you more specifically into the methodologies section. My Assignment Services is there to guide you with any type of dissertation help, as we have industry experts who are connected with our organization since a long time. So, without any second thought contact the industry experts or learn from the weekly videos to improve your assignment writing skills.

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