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I Don’t Need Help With Argumentative Essay Homework. I’ve Got The Straw Man

Help With Argumentative Essay Homework
August 29, 2020
Author : Kristy

Now that you are reading this blog; your argument is invalid.
Feel like busted? Don’t. Writing an argumentative essay is difficult? Have you reached that awkward moment yet where your research is complete but your argument sounds like attacking a straw man?

To seek or not to seek argumentative essay homework help is a million-dollar question; at least for the scholar whose submission deadline is due in a few hours.  It is only when you sit down to pen your thoughts is when you realize that despite the cohesive grammar and your essay format being near perfect; the research argument or the core message of your academic essay is still weak or even worse; not original.

Still thinking, you don’t need argumentative essay help? Let us build this argument.

How to dodge the Straw man Fallacy while writing or defending argumentative essays?

Everything that is written within the purview of critical and logical argument is the exact opposite of the straw man fallacy. Straw man arguments are inherently irrelevant and to avoid it in your argumentative essays, simply keep your research praxis profound.

No one can misrepresent your argument if it is validated with scientific evidence and verified data. Let us take an example of a popular argumentative essay topic using the powerful persuasive literary techniques developed by the Great Aristotle himself:

Sample essay topic: Is neo-Feminism corrupting the millennial females?

Let’s say we are presenting a pro argument here. Just reflecting a cultural reference or your personal opinion is not going to help you.

Take your argumentative skills a notch higher by supporting it with facts and findings that are easy to comprehend, instantly relatable, easily believable and derived from bona fide research. Use the ancient literary technique of Ethos, Pathos and Logos of persuasive writing but not necessarily in that order.

strawman fallacy definition

Essay excerpt example –

The Logos or the Logic:

Is it not the active feminist sentiment that is increasingly influencing the acceptance of young women in STEM fields of research? The MIT alone today counts 50% of its students as females while a member of the fairer sex is also the School of Science Dean (source - news.mit.edu).

The Pathos:

Why do you think that millennial girls are now aspiring beyond just superficial qualities and are being more career-oriented? A NY Times 2018 survey came up with relevant facts that will change the society as we know it and sooner than you think. The average marrying age amongst millennial girls is almost 30 years and while in the survey data, establishing their career was touted as a major reason, these girls are also less dependent; both emotionally and financially on the males in their lives and look to grow in their professions even beyond tying the knot.

The Ethos:

Believe it or not: multiple socio-cultural studies predict that such women are 60% less likely to initiate divorces, once married. Thus, creating a robust moral fabric of stable families for the coming generations, or not?

Reenter the Logos:

How do you think, Sir is that a successful woman with a stable marriage is corrupted and that too due to the very ethos that has enabled her to groom herself at par with the men but whilst maintaining the slenderness and nurturing power that nature has organically bestowed on her. The argument of whether the world needs an active feminist or not may continue but no one including you can deny that women need to be united in our historically male first societies and it is the feminist movement that has given vocal and visible power to the young girls. 

“If you reread the last paragraph, you will sense certain rhetoric with a question that arises out of a commonplace, something which Aristotle termed as ‘Topos’ (meaning ‘Place’ in Greek). This is also the part of your writing where Ethos and Logos combine and titillate the morality of the reader or the examiner in this case.”

If you are, even vaguely able to touch that premise, you have a winning argument at hand. People, including your faculty, make judgments based on their moral reasoning more than their logical reasoning. A convincing example of this is that a good person is likely to give his umbrella on a rainy day to someone who needs it more; say an old woman or a child even though it goes against the common logic.

Argumentative essays are also a different breed when compared with Persuasive essays. It requires you to take readers towards a new arena of research on your chosen topic, something that they are unable to see, yet.

It is boggling to do so, especially with the limited availability of options. So what are you going to do? Search Google for best essay homework help in the USA or try writing it one more time with inside tips on how to write winning argumentative essays.

Writing an argumentative essay is an uphill task?

Even for the WOKE ones. At least there’s no argument here.

Coming back to the million-dollar question, just how in the world you write a perfect argumentative essay that guarantees an A grade? What if I told you that there is only one way to write the best argumentative essay and it has not been discovered yet.  Academic argumentative essay homework is complex thus assigned only a couple of time in a year. While webbing an intricate argument, your conclusion must be well derived and adorned with perfect punctuations of research, proven facts and sufficient bibliography. 

Yes, it is time-consuming to filter out endless research and then projecting the evidence with immaculate words. Before you start completing your essay, choose a topic that you are well versed with. Keep it interesting whilst highlighting the importance of your argument and the impact your point of view can make. When writing an argumentative essay, do remember to keep your opinions and views in short supply. Your Thesis Statement must be heir to the ample research that you have conducted and that too after weighing the evidence and findings from multiple schools of thought related to your argumentative essay topic. It must be very short and a crystal clear statement.

Well, I know what you are thinking? It’s easier said than done.

Post choosing a suitable topic, you need to prepare your Introduction like bait. Keep it interesting whilst highlighting the importance and origin of your argument and the impact your point of view can make.

“When writing an argumentative essay, do remember to keep your opinions and views in short supply. Your argument statement must be heir to the ample research that you have conducted and that too after weighing the evidence and findings from multiple schools of thought related to your essay topic.”

What does an A grade argumentative essay homework help USA look like?

Essay writing experts in the USA, irrespective of their field of study will recommend following DNA of your essay:

Introduction – This is the prima facie of your argument. Ensure to reflect your topic, rhetoric that relates to your views. You will also need to present a synopsis of the evidence that you will use and most importantly present a clear thesis in your introduction. 

Thesis Statement – Curate a powerful single sentence that defines your claim.

Body of Evidence or Research – Keep it a minimum of three paragraphs and discuss all sides of the argument while demolishing the opposing views with verified evidence and generating credibility of your point of view.

Conclusion Argument – Revisit all your research in the last paragraph of your argumentative essay. Make it personal with anecdotal references showcasing that you feel strongly about your argument.

Hope this helps. At My Assignment Services, we strive to polish your academic skills with our limitless resources and best homework help in the USA. Log in with us today to upgrade your academia.

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