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An Overview of Transition Words and Phrases

Overview of Transition Words and Phrases
September 30, 2021
Author : Kristy

Transitional words and phrases are no less than saviours in the lives of students who want to better their writing calibre. When we use them in our academic work, we actually enhance the flow of our writing and join two or more ideas with each other in an effective way. As there can be so many different ways of doing this, it is important to get An Overview of Transition Words And Phrases thoroughly so that you can easily use them in your writing and blend the sentences together in a logical and coherent manner.

In this blog, our academic writing help experts will be talking more about the different types of transition phrases and demonstrate where they are used. This will make you proficient in distinguishing between them and come out with flying colours in your academic assignments instantly.

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Transition phrase example

What Are Transitional Words and Phrases?

So, what are transition phrases? These phrases serve as a bridge between different thoughts, sentences, and even paragraphs and are used to establish a connection between these. With the help of these words, and phrases, the arguments that are included in an academic assignment get the ease to flow seamlessly from one to another.

There are different types of words and phrases that you can use in your work, depending upon the purpose that you want it to serve. However, the most basic ones that you can use are conjunctions that simply join two or more words or sentences. For example, words like, and, or, but can be used if you wish to add some information to a sentence.

Now, let us proceed by giving you An Overview of Transition Words And Phrases in brief so that you do not get stuck while using them later.

Which Are the Different Types of Transition Phrases That You Can Use in Your Work?

One by one, our academic writing help experts will brief you on the different categories of transition words that one can use in their academic assignments to enhance the legibility of the work.

Over the years, we have never let any of the requirements of students go unheard from our end. We have covered each of their doubts and come up with this list of transition words that can even come in handy for you once you begin with your assignments.

Hover over the following transition phrases and try to use them in your assignments to secure stellar results.

1. Causation

Just as the name suggests, the transition words that fall under this category are primarily used to give the cause or demonstrate the consequence. Some of the most commonly used words in this category include accordingly, thus, consequently, because, since, hence, and more.

2. Chronology

The transition phrases that are used from this category connect the issues to whenever they happened. You can use words like in the meantime, never, earlier, while, subsequently, whenever, and more.

3. Combinations

This category includes some of the most widely used transition phrases under it. These words connect a wide range of events together. If you want to do this, then you are free to choose from words like moreover, furthermore, additionally, lastly, also, and more.

4. Contrast

In a situation in which you want to connect two things or objects but focus more on the similarities between them, you use transition phrases from the category of contrast. For this, you can simply opt for using words like on the other hand, nonetheless, on the contrary, although, otherwise, and more.

5. Example

Transition words from the example category are used to establish a connection between an idea and a specific instance that talks more about the idea. If you want to give an example, then words like ‘to illustrate’, ‘specifically, that is, for example, and so on can help you.

Other than these categories, there are some other categories as well. Our academic writing help experts have also come across several transition phrases from categories like location, similarity, concession, clarification, intensification, purpose, summary, and more. Do you wish to know more about what words fall under each category? All you need to do is simply talk to us whenever it is comfortable with you. We will come up with instant academic guidance from our end for you.

Let us show you what a paragraph would be like without any transition phrases.

What Is the Need to Use Transition Phrases?

We have come across several kinds of assignments in which students face a problem of using these phrases and words. This is why we have given An Overview of Transition Words And Phrases in this blog.

To let you know the difference that these transition words make on an assignment, we are here with a few excerpts for you.

paragraph without transition

See this image. This is one of those paragraphs that we received from students. The main objective of the assignment is to use suitable transition phrases to make this paragraph meaningful.

Now, let us show you how our academic writers transformed it.

paragraph with transition

We have utilised a number of transition words in this paragraph to make it how the professor wanted it to be. We have tried to give An Overview of Transition Words And Phrases in this blog.

 If you still need any further assistance on transition words, then we are always here to help you. Functioning 24*7 For students, we are always up and moving to cater to all your doubts. You can even reach out to us via live sessions to get quicker feedback from our academic writing help experts.

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