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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles: Constructing a Critical Review of Literature

Constructing a Critical Review of Literature
October 07, 2017
Author : Amy

In our last two videos, we made you understand how to extract peer-reviewed journal articles from the university databases and improving the accuracy and relevance of the final results to get improved and more appropriate outcomes from your research. It is advisable to use the relevant strategies in order to construct a critical review of the literature to get enhanced and desired results.The process of critical literature review begins with identifying the main purpose of the carrying out the review. The second step is to analyses how the keywords can be used to describe the capacity of the review as well as by what means can the review be organized in the different themes and how the specific conclusions can be drawn from the paperwork. Before you indulge deep into constructing the review let us explain to you what the literature review is. A literature review is basically a piece of writing that is objected towards Describing, Comparing/ Contrasting and evaluating the research articles that you have found. All major theories and arguments that are presented in the scholarly documents need to undergo these three processes making it a core component of the literature review. The peer-reviewed resources that are extracted are the scholarly literature that can be used in the literature review.

The Essential 5 C’s of Literature

The actual construction of the critical literature review includes five critical components that are to be considered at any cost. Namely:
  • Cite: It primarily means acknowledging the authors as well as their works and ensuring that the main focus of the literature review stays on point.
  • Compare: The main focus here is to compare different arguments, theories and methodologies presented by the authors and find out where they coincide. It helps in knowing the similarities between different authors.
  • Contrast: Here the focal point is the differences between the varied perspectives of the authors. Have the students approached the literature review in a different manner or have they used a different theme, etc.
  • Critique: It involves making judgments. Finding out the precise or relevant arguments that are more suitable for the research. It also includes providing evidences for our opinion.
  • Connect: Finally, at this stage, all the findings are to be connected to the actual core area of the research.
For academic scholars constructing a critical literature review, it is extremely important as it helps them in gaining a deeper insight into the subject. We hope that the information provided by us about the literature review was helpful for you, but for obtaining a more thorough knowledge about the same, you have to watch the video where our academic expert has described how you can use peer-reviewed journals to construct a critical review of literature. My Assignment Services aims towards serving qualitative help to academic students; this is one of our ways of helping. This is not the end of our help as we will be back with a new video next week, where our expert will make you familiarize with various steps to construct a literature review and differentiate between the primary sources from the secondary one. Till then get thorough with the understanding of the critical components of literature review.

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