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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles: Specifics of a Literature Review

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles: Specifics of a Literature Review
October 21, 2017
Author : Amy

In our last video, we had explained to you what exactly the literature review is and what role peer-reviewed journal articles plays in constructing a literature review . We had also discussed the essentials of creating a literature review , earlier. A literature review has a systematic pattern and together combines summary and synthesis. It can give a new meaning to the prevailing material or can merge old meaning with the new one. Depending upon the situation a literature review can evaluate the sources and serve reliable advice to readers. In this video, we have discussed about the overall structure of literature review, the checklist that is essential for the literature review and differentiating between the primary and secondary sources while constructing a literature review.

  1. Structure of Literature Review: The literature review follows a basic structure of an introduction, body and a conclusion. Introduction is a paragraph where you actually describe the background of the problem along with identifying the gap. It basically outlines the reason for constructing the literature review. Body paragraphs provide the comparisons and contrasting views of different authors, along with synthesizing and analyzing the literature. Conclusion paragraph includes the final conclusion like your final opinion on the whole topic? And how do you justify your opinion? Not in the first person but in the third person.
  2. Checklist: This is the most important part because without the checklist a literature review cannot be completed. This checklist should ensure that the literature review is to the point, the appropriate source material are properly identified from the primary and secondary sources along with maintaining the bibliographical records of the research materials and critically reviewing the resources as well as ensuring that the reviews are properly formatted. Providing all of these can help you fetch high- distinction grades.
  3. Primary vs. Secondary Sources: Both play an important role in constructing a literature review. While differentiating between the primary and secondary sources: Primary sources constitute original materials such as the historical documents or something that you have collected on your own or original resources that you have taken the information from like journals, books, etc. Secondary sources you can refer to a textbook that broadly covers the topic area that you are studying and evaluates or reviews the original work.
My Assignment Services aims towards providing qualitative academic standards to the high school and university students. We hope that the information provided by us about the literature review was helpful for you, but in order to have a more detailed knowledge about the same, you have to watch our video where our expert has explained the specifics of the literature review. In our next video, we will gradually start moving towards constructing a dissertation and formulate the methodology section. Till then keep on practicing and get through with the basics of the literature review.

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