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Read This Blog to Get the Best Pick-Up Lines

Guys, if you also believe that first impression is the last impression and are having troubles in initiating the conversation. Here are some great pick-up lines which are definitely going to help you.

  1. How you doin’?

    One of the most loved pick up line from our loveable series “FRIENDS”. This pick-up line is evergreen since 1992. Girls love to hear this from guys

  2. This pick-up line is from “Divergent” which is also most the popular and the most used pick line
  3. Another lame pick line which is again used world-wide.
  4. This funny pick-up line is from our very handsome “Schmidt” from “New Girl” which is widely used.
  5. FRIENDS has got many pick up lines. In this, Phoebe was hitting on Rachel’s assistant “Tag”.
  6. This pick-up line is from “Game of Thrones” series for which fans are crazy. Tyrion Lannister used pick up line. He was the character who was not fit physically but still most powerful and liked character.
  7. It is highly used walking pick-up line
  8. Barney’s pickup line
    Barney from “How I Met Your mother” is the legend of hitting on girls. Here’s one example of his pickup lines.
  9. Girls love funny guys and here you have got one.

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