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Role And Effect Of Homework On Student Achievement

Merits of Homework
October 31, 2020
Author : Bill

A student life is always besotted with the pressure of proving one’s scholastic calibre. Students have to face a lot of peer pressure and prove their mettle by securing good academic grades. They have to battle with endless submissions and many need thesis writing help. A lot of research has been invested into the effects of homework on student achivement. For instance students pursuing graduate and postgraduate level of studies find assignment submission, thesis submission, and presentations to be a very demanding part of their academic roster. At times the competition gets so tough that students end up submitting homework which is qualitatively lacking. Rather than hinder your prosepects by doing homework half heartedly it is best to seek thesis writing help.


Merits of Homework as a means of assessing student achievement

Demerits of Homework

Assigning homework has been the standard, universally accepted, and validated teaching learning pedagogical strategy.This method has been successfully used by mentors to ensure consistent and good performance on the part of students. It is seen as a reliable means of assessment as well as reinforcement of concept based learning. Research studies have established beyond doubt that student achievement scores are definitely impacted by homework. The most obvious purpose of homework is that it ascertains that students are –

·         Grasping the Concepts

·         Discouraged from rote based mechanical and unproductive method of learning

·         Encouraged to develop habit of concept based learning

·         Able to identify their weak points and work towards their resolution.

·         Able to use it as a crucial tool for reinforcement.

For academic mentors homework serves as a very significant parameter for assessing student’s performance in a consistent and phased out manner. In any student learning scenario almost fifty percent of gradation system is reliant on homework hence, the importance of doing homework in a content rich and responsible manner cannot be denied. Often, students end up committing the very common error of not taking homework submissions very seriously. This is a serious mistake and has a deep impact on the grade point average of a student. The reasons could vary – it could be lack of seriousness or earnestness, or paucity of time, or too much of workload, pending submissions and deadlines. The result is the same – submission of poory researched thesis, proposals or presentations can only earn poor grades. The way out lies in assessing your drawbacks and setting up rational goals. Seek help whenever you feel that your grades would substantially suffer. Reliable and professional thesis writing help is readily available. The resource persons who offer thesis writing help are extremely qualified and trained in academic writing mores and will help you in a great way.


Taking a holistic view of effects of homework on Student Achievement

Before consclusively establishing the impact of homework as positive one needs to assess the situation more comprehensively. No teaching methodolgy is free of limitations and adverse impact, so to presume that assigning homework is not detrimental in any way is like taking a very limited view of things. Let us see the possible negative or detrimental effects of homework as a means of assessment.

Demerits of Homework as a means of assessing student achievement

Recent researches have revealed that not all students respond to the strategy of homework in a favorable way. Often homework can become cumbesrsome and deter any seriously learning from taking place. It can also generate a distaste among learners vis a vis studies. Besides this the academicians need to be very judicious while assigning and assessing homework. Not every student has the same IQ or attention and retention level hence to assign homework can negate the learning process for some students.

Studies conducted in recent times have shown that often by giving homework the mentors feel that their task has been half done. Most often than not homework that is assigned to students only generated a false conception of knowledge enhancement and retention. Also the student may not get a clear picture through the grades that are given as mostly they tend to be generous and inflated. Many students either submit an incomplete, badly drafted, poorly researched homework assigned to them which can never be an asset to teaching module.

 homework stress

Features essential for using homework as an effective teaching tool.

One very important factor is how suitably the homework being allotted is designed. Is it serving the purpose? Or is it simply dysfunctional paperwork. A lot of effort goes into how the homework is designed. Research has proven that any homework if not assessed properly it defeats the entire purpose. The aim can be manifold – to enhance knowledge, to evaluate and to reinforce knowledge gained through lectures and tutorials. The time factor that a student will have to devote to competantly finish the assignment also needs to be taken into account. The quantum of research involved also determines whether the homework is serving an educative purpose or is simply a mammoth, time consuming, dull task which retards the desire to learn. Also the educators need to note that not every student has equitable and democratic access to research resources and other opportunities. Given this context it is unfair to assess all students by the same parameters. 

Whatever the criterion might be one cannot undermine the need to submit assignments on time and with sincerity. Do not take assignment submission lightly. Students who score high grades know and duly respect the importance of homework which is well researched, documented and written. Lack of time or other constraints might compel you to submit less than satisfactory assigment but rather than doing so it would be prudent to seek thesis wrting help. The trained writers will be able to do justice to the assigned task and allow you to tide over rough waters with relative ease. It is imperative than you seek assistance which is professional and committed. Do not be reluctant and confidently seek thesis writing help and you would find yourself in a win win situation.

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