Role At Indigo Community Services and Health Hub: Nursing Assessment Answers

Role At Indigo Community Services and Health Hub: Nursing Assessment Answers
April 16, 2020
Author : Keith Morris

In Australia, being a health practitioner is not enough to be known as a ‘registered nurse’. There are several legal and ethical frameworks which are to be applied in a variety of job roles. Students who aspire to be registered health practitioners in Australia get to study the nursing course and learn about community health services and health hub in various dimensions of the medical field.

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In this blog, our nursing assignment help experts will be sharing a brief approach to Role at Indigo Community Services assignment and help you understand how to go on with these kinds of assignments on your own.

Here’s What You Should Know For Writing Assignments On Community Health Services And Health Hub

In nursing assignments, most students get case studies based upon which they have to propose suitable solutions. In the assignments that fall under the category of working ethically and legally, you will be given certain scenarios where you have to apply all the theoretical and practical knowledge and find solutions for them.

As per our nursing assignment writers, there are some vital concepts which come into play when dealing with nursing assignments.

Our experts have guided students on a plethora of these topics. Let us see what are the most important concepts for these assessments.

  1. Legal and ethical considerations
  2. Reviewing processes
  3. Codes of conduct and practice
  4. Workplace policies
  5. Managing complaints
  6. Types of ethical issues
  7. Continuing professional education
  8. Work health and safety
  9. Dignity of risk

Other than these, several other topics are also covered by us. In case, you are unclear with any of these topics, then it is the perfect time to reach us and all your doubts cleared from us.

Now that you know the most vital concepts involved in these assessments, let us proceed with the discussion on Role at Indigo Community Services assignment.

How To Write An Error-Free Nursing Assignment on Role at Indigo Community Services and Health Hub?

As discussed, there will be some scenarios given to you in this assignment. After understanding them thoroughly, you have to answer the questions given.

Let us understand this better with the help of an example.

Scenario 1

Indigo health hub

This is the assignment scenario 1 that students brought to us. As you can see, there is a scenario given, wherein, you have to suppose yourself to be working at Indigo Community Services and Health Hub. There is a hypothetical situation given, where you have to work ethically and legally and come to a solution to the problem that has been discussed in the scenario.

Here, our nursing assignment help experts focus on the concept of confidentiality. Further, we elaborate upon this and try to conclude how we can keep the information confidential within the workplace.

Scenario 2

Indigo community health services

In the second scenario, the next situation is given where we are introduced with a boy named Ray, who is your colleague and Sean, a 15-year old boy. Here, the concept of human rights has been introduced. After researching the human rights in Australia, and with proper evidence advice him to come out of this situation.

Scenario 3

Support to disabled people

This is the third scenario of the Role at Indigo Community Services assignment. Here, we are introduced to Samuel, who is our workplace supervisor and Emily, a specially-abled person. In this scenario, the concept of discrimination is being talked about.

Just like the other two scenarios, our nursing assignment writers explain the scenario and find suitable solutions for this as well.

In the end, there are certain roles given as follows:

  1. Disability support worker
  2. Youth worker
  3. Community services worker
  4. Mental health worker

For each of the scenarios, we choose any one among this list and describe the job role that best suits us. In addition to this, we also take help of the industry we belong to, to conceptualise our answers. Our experts refer to the policies as laid by Indigo Community Services and Health Hub.

This brings an end to the nursing assignment sample that we discussed above. However, this is just a brief approach to this assignment. If you wish to get the complete solution for this assessment or similar kind of nursing assignments, then you can always rely upon our nursing assignment help experts for guidance.

Avail a Fresh Copy of this Nursing Assignment Sample from Our Expert!

There’s no rocket science behind drafting impeccable nursing assignments. Only some points to check and you are good to go! Our panel of professional and experienced experts make sure to include these points in the reference assignment solutions:

  1. The solutions must be able to identify and respond to the legal requirements of the specific workplace and job roles
  2. It must identify and meet the ethical responsibilities of registered health practitioners.
  3. The assignments which you write must propose ways to contribute to workplace improvements

So, before you begin writing your solution, make sure you are aware of these points so that you include them in your assignment solutions. If not, then what are we for? Take up our free live one-on-one session with expert benefit and we will clarify all your doubts.

Providing authentic and high-quality reference assignment solutions to students are our prime responsibilities. Our nursing assignment help experts at My Assignment Services have provided thousands of nursing assignment solutions for their reference purpose in the last ten years. We specialise in handling different nursing assignments and even do not hesitate to cater to urgent requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and grab our amazing value-added services.


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