Shared Responsibility for Common Good Assignments

Shared Responsibility for Common Good Assignments
February 08, 2019
Author : Syd Howell

There is a term in economics and political science which says “Common Good”.

There are assignments on the common good, there are theories on the common good and there are various perspectives on the common good.

The most common type of assignment is the one where we have to discuss how we are not achieving common good and what ways are there to improve that.

How do you write common good assignments?

Do I really need to answer this? Yes, I do. There are a number of things that you should be aware of and need if you want to score well in your common good assignments.

A few of them are listed below which you can refer to while writing the assignments.

Pro tip 1 - Think Like A Philosopher

No, alcohol is a strict no-no. You do not need to be drunk in order to bring out the hidden Socrates within you.

Since common good is a popular topic in philosophy, you need to start thinking about this from a philosopher’s viewpoint. Close your eyes and think deep. Meditate and see how far is the theory relevant around you, within you.

Pro Tip 2 - Know What Are The Theories In Common Good

A great common good assignment is the one which takes into account the theories of the common good. These theories are what bind the content together. You may be asked to write common good about any, but the theories are the same and have the same application in all the spheres.

Social Choice Theory

This theory studies collective decision rules. Also, Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem is also an important part. No, this is not Oliver Queen’s Arrow. Anyway, this theorem says that “no aggregative mechanism of collective choice (restricted to ordinal inputs) can consistently transform individual preferences into a collective preference-ordering, across the universal domain of possible preference profiles, while also satisfying a set of minimal normative criteria of rationality and fairness.

Yep, that is it.

Public Choice Theory

When you have to study how private interests govern political activities, this theory is your best friend.

When you have to study how the personal interests of the policymakers affect their decisions, the common good comes into play. You would not want a person to pass the law restricting the heights of the buildings to 1 level because 5 years ago his kid fell off from the roof of a 5 storey building, right?

Pro Tip 3 - Use Heavy Terms And Know What They Mean

What professors love more than anything are well-researched assignments. And the best way to show that you have conducted an investigation as deep as the Atlantic, you need to use hefty terms in your assignments.

Since we are talking about the common good and shared the responsibility of common good, the best term to use is “Public Value Paradigm”. There are other terms as well that you should keep in mind while writing your assignment in the common good.

What Global Issues Can You Target?

When it comes to global issues and taking care of the world, what better organisation is there than the United Nations?

The most crucial global issues are -


The world’s population is ageing: virtually every country in the world is experiencing growth in the number and proportion of older persons in their population. The number of older persons, those aged 60 years or over, has increased substantially in recent years in most countries and regions, and that growth is projected to accelerate in the coming decades.


New HIV infections have fallen by 35% since 2000 (by 58% among children) and AIDS-related deaths have fallen by 42% since the peak in 2004. The global response to HIV has averted 30 million new HIV infections and nearly 8 million  AIDS-related deaths since 2000.  The UN family has been in the vanguard of this progress.

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time. From shifting weather patterns that threaten food production to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, the impacts of climate change are global in scope and unprecedented in scale.

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