The 5 Paragraph Essay - No Rocket Science!

The 5 Paragraph Essay - No Rocket Science!
January 23, 2019
Author : Celina

What comes to your mind when you hear “5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY FORMAT”? Wait, don't you see stars all around your head? Obviously, you are only human! Each and every student who comes in direct terms with writing an essay in 5 paragraph essay format, feels just like what you feel.

But what if, we said, we could help you vanquish (not Aston Martin) all your essay fears? Yes, you heard that right. For this, you just need to brace yourselves and read this blog further as My Assignment Services take you around the world of essays.

Trust us, when we say that the experts of our essay writing services would take not more than 10 minutes in clarifying all your queries regarding “how to write an essay in a 5 paragraph essay format”!

So, what are we waiting for? Fasten your seat belts and get ready to dive into the ocean of essays with our essay help experts!

The 5 Paragraph Essay Format

When it comes to producing essays for your assignments, we all require a certain beginning point, don't we? Obviously, who would directly pounce into writing essays, without thinking what to write, when to submit it and other requirements of it?

So, think this essay format to be that point for you, whenever you begin writing your essays. According to our essay writer, a 5 paragraph essay format is that basic building block of your essay. This building block has certain parts, which separately requires your attention. So, the next time you begin writing your essay, make sure to give proper attention to these parts.

If you are confused about the following parts, then what are our essay help experts for?

Okay, so the parts which this format constitutes are as follows:


As we all might have heard, “ the first impression is the last impression”, so this introductory paragraph in an essay is the 1st paragraph, which gives an overall impression of your essay to the reader. According to the experts of our essay writing services, this paragraph has the role to attract the readers towards the essay, develop the basic ideas which your essay would be discussing.

This is the first step in building your essay.

A pro tip for you - Never forget to mention the thesis statement in this introductory paragraph as it would encompass the topic, focus of attention and the key points of your essay. Also, our essay help experts emphasis on keeping this paragraph articulate, yet effective!

Body Paragraph

Okay, as you complete writing the introduction, next comes the body paragraphs. After the introduction, you are expected to divide the entire content of your essay into 3 body paragraphs. Basically, our essay writer suggests students start the body paragraphs with transition word or phrases such as FIRST, or something alike.


These paragraphs are like the backbone of your essay. This is because all thesis statements which you have just mentioned in the introduction paragraph would have to be backed up in these paragraphs. Thus, the body paragraphs would consist of the supporting statements. Our essay help experts feel that these sentences serve to bring forth the topic of your essay in front of the reader.

Pro tip: Make sure that each thesis statement is catered to in each body paragraph. This would not only establish a certain clarity of thoughts in your essay but also help you maintain coherence in the entire essay. Thus, your ideas will be presented in a compiled and concise manner.


The last and the final section which is referred to as the “heart and soul” of the essay, by our essay help experts is the conclusion. This last paragraph of the essay serves the purpose of **making the curtains fall**!


Yes, that's what the conclusion is for. The conclusion brings the essay to a crisp and effective end. It also serves the purpose of reminding the reader of the very basic ideas which have been pondered in the entire essay. In a way, it is the summation of the entire content of the essay.

Pro topic: Make sure that you do not include any new ideas in the conclusion as it would do nothing except confuse the readers. Also, our essay writers suggest students not to paraphrase the thesis statement. This is because the conclusion is the restatement of thesis statements.

So, are you in a position to defeat the 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY FORMAT dragon now? We are sure you are! If not, then you can simply get in touch with our essay help experts via the order now form to let us know hat you need.

Why Fear When We Are There?

My Assignment Services is a trustworthy firm, donning the cape of a superhero. Having rescued thousands of students in their venture of combating their essay queries, our essay writing help experts are now ready to help you overcome all the hurdles which come in your path too! So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and start writing impeccable essays.

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