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Things Students Say, and What They Actually Mean

Things Students Say, and What They Actually Mean
For a student, they might have met a bunch of new people in their college. Some of them became friends, while some end up being acquaintances and others are just familiar faces they might be noticing everyday on their way to class. Although everyone has a particular group of friends, having different styles and varied interest, but every college student has one thing which they all share. We have listed out few sentences which every college student has said and described what they actually mean.

  • I’m heading to bed

Reality: It is those simple four sentences which has multiple meanings. As it can be interpreted like;

I’m going to bed, so that I can lock myself in my room and explore YouTube until 3 in the morning or “I’ll rather sleep, than deal with the reality.” Or the most popular one “I have a bunch of important things to be done, but if I sleep for few hours half of them will be magically completed.”


  • “I will be studying in the college library. As I really need to work hard.”

Reality: “I’m just in search of a peaceful place where I can spend some quality time on Facebook or twitter without anyone’s interruption.”


  • “I’m just going to start working on this assignment.”

Reality: “There is a slight possibility that I will be starting the project by 10 p.m. just before the submission night.”


  • “I’m just going to spend some time to select my dress for today—as I wish to look nice!”

Reality: This has been the most difficult decision of my entire day, as today I will be choosing which pair of the sweatpants I should wear.


  • “I’m tired and I think I’ll be staying in tonight.”

Reality: “I will be deciding at the very last possible second to head out. Because we are only young once!”


  • “After one more drink I’m done and them I’m headed home.”

What they mean: “Don’t underestimate us, as me and my friends are drunken destruction. Nothing can come between us and this bar.”


  • “I think I would like to start writing a senior thesis; it is interesting and challenging.”

What they mean: “I basically have a death wish.”


  • “I’m just going to actively take part in my class this semester.”

Reality: “It is going to be a miracle if I even say a word in my class this entire semester.”


  • “I think it’s time to find a job! Maybe I should start working on my resume?”

Reality: “Is Facebook really a marketable skill? I think Twitter will be, right?”


  • “I love my flat mate or roommate.”

Reality: “I definitely love my flat mate, but sometimes I just wish I could strangle them.”

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