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Tips to Write a Manifesto Along with Example & Template

how to write manifesto
March 05, 2022
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A manifesto is a document that lays down the issuer's purpose, views, or declaration. It is often a set of ideas, views or discussion, but majorly a manifesto includes a plan of action. Various topics are discussed in a manifesto, but majorly it is written for political, literature or fields. A group of a certain number of people with a common aim come together to curate a manifesto that is rarely written for personalised purposes.

The developments or new adapted procedures in an organisation or committee is also introduced through a manifesto. For such pieces, the issuer lists down the shortcomings of the previous methods and highlights their purpose. New age strategies are praised in the document, and the issuer also lists down the purpose behind the upgrade.

The word manifesto dates back to the 14th Century, derived from the words' manus' and 'Festus', which together translates to infesting. Similarly, the word manifestation in the English language means "perceived by the senses ', it means our senses believe in an idea before it happens.

Hence, we can say that a manifesto is often written as a critique regarding a social circumstance. The non-conformists in society or the opposition party in democracy issues a manifesto to mark the improvement areas of the leaders. Various political parties issue a manifesto during the elections to address their plan for the masses. Read forth to know the various types of manifestos and how to write a manifesto?

Types of Manifesto

What's The Purpose of Writing a Manifesto?

You must've seen a political party declare their schedule for the elections by issuing a manifesto. It generally includes all those great promises and societal changes they swear by, but a manifesto is often written for various other purposes. A few of the other sectors that make use of a manifesto are:


A brand manifesto is written for their audiences; it is issued to address the goals and purpose of the organisation. Brands that have been in the business often develop the manifesto around their audiences and highlight why their brand is incomparable with their competition. A manifesto is issued before officially launching a new product in the market, so it helps create a buzz and hence supports marketing.

Religion (Creed)

A creed or a religious manifesto is one of the most debatable yet important documents of various religions that exist worldwide. It includes the schedule, origin, and often the followers' statutes. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and a few new-age religions have a manifesto. Every religion has a distinct belief in reality developed through philosophical or traditional means. The religion's rituals, rules, and various symbolism are also listed in the manifesto that rarely gets revised or upgraded.

Did you know that the manifesto of vindication of women's rights written by Mary Wollstonecraft was initially dismissed by the French National Assembly due to the women's right to education section?


An education manifesto is written by an educational institution or government education authorities. The purpose of a manifesto is to list down the goals and objectives of the issuer; an education manifesto includes the aims of the educational institution and the future improvements and reforms to be introduced. It is often a part of a political manifesto as education is one of society's most important building blocks.


A professional or career manifesto is written by an individual seeking employment or dedicated to taking their career to the next level. It includes a brief description of the professional objectives of the individual and the challenges they conquered. Listing down achievements and experiences helps focus on the next best option professionally.


A scientific manifesto is issued concerning an ongoing study, experiment or research. Scientists list down the aim, purpose and the desired results of the experiments or research. Such a document is issued to specify the body of knowledge about the ongoing research at a specific geographical location so that various other scientists can help or anticipate the results.

These are a few of the different manifestos that groups prominently write of individuals with common agendas. A manifest is often a lengthy document (especially political, religious or scientific manifesto) signed by all the concerned members of the issuing authority. It can also be a one-page document that lists down the issuing group's aim, purpose, and future endeavours.

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How to Write A Manifesto?

The format of a manifesto is similar to an essay, and it can be a hundred to two thousand words long document. There's no specified word limit. The plan of a specific group of individuals vary depending on their aim and the purpose of the manifesto, so the word limit is as per the requirement.

There's an introductory paragraph or section, the body and the conclusion sections. The introduction is written like any other essay, introducing the aim of the piece and what can be expected further in the document. The purpose for issuing the manifesto and the aim of the documents is included in the introduction. It may be discussed further throughout the document but mentioning it right from the beginning is necessary.

"The social standings of Christianity proclaims all the unjust acts of the oppressors to be a justified punishment or a trail that the Lord has ordered on his subjects." Quotes from Karl Marx's Manifesto on Christianity

The body section includes a detailed discussion on the aim and purpose of issuing the document. Clearly define each specific goal and the objectives they serve in suggesting new developments. Measure your progress (through computational or statistical methods if needed) and appreciate the preceding achievements. Define the basis of your goals, the need for improvement, or their practicality. Is the goal achievable? Does it have a time constraint? Are the aims realistic? Answer such questions in your body section and connect them to the outro for your piece.

For the conclusion, restate all the document's key points and add future references. If your goals have a timeline, discuss the plan of action for each period and what achievements to expect. Make the manifesto personalised (especially branding manifesto) do not mention any other entity or opposition party. The writing format can be casual or formal, depending on the audience.

Manifesto Structring

Final Takeaways: Write it like this

When creating a manifesto, you must include these five things to intrigue the reader:

  1. Describing the emotive and professional value behind your business is a very effective way of keeping your audience engaged. People like to read stories, so give them just that (not too descriptive). Make the manifesto formal yet personal; when defining the purpose behind your services or products, discuss why you believe it is the best and why the customers must believe you.
  2. Define the passion you have for your business; what is your goal for this business? How did you start? The readers often feel compelled to support a plan or business if they relate to or inspire them.
  3. List your strengths (personal or professional); the strengths and accomplishments lay the foundation for the readers to believe in a brand. The strengths or the various types of services a brand provides often compels the buyers to try the product even if it is new in the market.
  4. Brand image or a personal image is an important part of writing a manifesto. It is just a manifestation of all you are and all you want to achieve professionally or through your brand. Focus on the image that you want people to perceive your brand and be consistent with the image you want to portray.
  5. Lastly, think beyond your brand's image or your professional image as many services and audiences seek relatable and raw people. Just be authentic to yourself and be dedicated to your goals.

Our intentions define our destiny; nothing happens without it. One cannot achieve even a single thing without their intentions. Quote by Jim Carrey

Mark these five things as the basics for curating a manifesto; it will help you develop a well-thought and effective manifesto. Hopefully, you received the answer to 'how to write a manifesto?' The manifesto is derived from the word manifestation, which means proclaiming things you want to happen in real life. A manifesto lists all the aims and objectives that a group of individuals want to achieve, publicly announcing it (political parties). The purpose is to let the audiences know about their goals and list down what they aim to achieve.

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