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Top 5 Chemical Engineering Colleges

Best chemical engineering colleges
December 15, 2020
Author : Chloe Kirner

Chemical engineering is a significant discipline that affects a plethora of other areas of technology. This niche is concerned with developing unique processes that are responsible for producing, transforming and transporting materials. A university plays a quintessential role in the holistic development of a student. Especially for a subject like chemical engineering that requires a comprehensive understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects, getting into a reputed university becomes prime. 

Do you have a knack in chemical engineering? Probably, you are on a lookout for those universities that offer bright prospects for studying chemical engineering in the world, aren’t you? Then, you have reached the perfect destination. We will give you a list of top Chemical Engineering colleges in the world that have always been in the bucket list of students all over the world. With each of these colleges, there lies a concrete reason to study in it. 

The discipline of chemical engineering is a multidisciplinary field that enables students to try their hands over a wide range of employment opportunities. This is a lucrative discipline studying which you can get several occupations such as chief executive officer, design engineer, development engineer, environment engineer, maintenance engineer, manufacturing engineer, process control engineer, production engineer, production manager, quality control engineer, sales and marketing engineer, technical service engineer. This makes chemical engineering one of the most sought after courses all over the world.

Now that you have got a decent idea on the prospects that you will get after completing this course, it’s time that our assignment help experts take you around the journey of the top universities offering chemical engineering in the world. Are you looking for universities in Canada? Don’t worry; we have already narrowed the research for you. 

Area under chemical engineering

Confused About Which College to Choose for Studying Chemical Engineering in Canada? 

Canada is bestowed with a vast array of colleges and universities that offer various subjects to students around the world. With outstanding educational programs, these universities also have the best world-class infrastructure that attracts flocks of international students every year. When it comes to choosing top Chemical Engineering colleges in the world, America’s hat becomes one of those countries that every 7 out of 10 students would want to study in. 

As per our anthropology assignment help experts, students also travel to Canada to pursue anthropology due to the availability of a wide range of research opportunities that are available here. 

Before we give you the list of the best chemical engineering colleges in Canada, hover over to these facts to know why study chemical engineering in Canada? 

Did You Know? 

  • The QS Ranking says that 10 Canadian universities that offer chemical engineering fall within the top 250 universities offering chemical engineering worldwide.

  • There is no limit for the chemical engineering postgraduate students in terms of exploring different career prospects.

  • Some of the universities in Canada also fall within the top 100 universities offering chemical engineering all over the world. 

  • It is predicted that during 2017-2026, a list of over 3400 new jobs would be opened for chemical engineers in Canada.

  • The Canadian economy is one of the strongest economies in the world, with an average of 400 jobs annually for chemical engineers.

  •  As per the latest stats, the highest wage for a chemical engineer in Canada has been recorded to be $58.24 while the lowest recorded is $34.85 per hour. 


Got enough reasons to choose some of the top chemical engineering colleges in the world here in Canada? So, here’s a list for you to make it easier to decide which one to pick. 

5 Colleges in Canada Offering the Best Chemical Engineering Programs to Students

Without any further ado, let us get straight to the colleges that offer bright prospects in Chemical engineering to students worldwide. 

  1. University of Toronto

Ranking number 1 in Canada and on number 18 in the world for chemical engineering, the University of Toronto is a college that you cannot afford to miss! Popularly known as the U of T, the university has always been at the forefront of designing and working upon renewable fuels, artificial organs, cleaning pollution using biotechnology, producing sustainable products and more. 

university of Toronto facts

Here, a student gets the perfect ambience to put theory into practice with the help of extravagant laboratories. 

  1. University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is the second top university in Canada and 34th in the world for chemical engineering. UBC has always been one of those colleges that have enjoyed an excellent reputation among the youth population across the globe. This is due to the diverse options of programs offered to students to choose from. Some of these include biotechnology, fluid-solids contacting, heat exchanger fouling, pulp and paper engineering and more. 

Additionally, UBC has always taken part actively in applied research for bringing out sustainable solutions for the problems that are pertinent in this industry presently. 

  1. McGill University

Third, in Canada, McGill University has bagged the 42nd position worldwide for offering chemical engineering to students. The reason why students opt for studying in this college is because of the rich experience that each of the faculty members holds in this field. Chemical engineering was first taught here in the year 1908. Subsequently, the first PhD degree was awarded to a student in 1935. Since then, the college has functioned as a full-time university offering a plethora of graduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs to students in chemical engineering. 

  1. McMaster University

McMaster University is the 4th top college for chemical engineering in Canada. Simultaneously, it also enjoys the position of the 72nd college in the world as well. Students get ample opportunities to study as per their interest. The programs that are offered here are not only innovative but give students the freedom to apply them in practical scenarios. Some of the courses that you can choose here include bioengineering, polymer materials and manufacturing stream, process systems engineering stream and water-energy technologies stream. 

  1. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is the next college on this list. With over 50 professors, the chemical engineering department of this university witnesses over 300 graduate students, 500 undergraduate and 657 doctoral students every year. The university specialises in its research options in topics like oil sands and biomedical engineering. Naturally, you get to interact with erudite professors who are the leading researchers in their respective fields. 

Though this list is exhaustive for the abundance of colleges in Canada for students, these are the top chemical engineering colleges in the world that are fortunately present here in Canada. Depending on the subject that interests you, go on and decide which college to choose among this list. And if you are wondering about the assignments, then we are here to help you produce impeccable reference assignment solutions as per the guidelines of each university! 

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