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Tracing the Trajectory of Academic Writing: Has It Changed Over the Years?

Tracing the Trajectory of Academic Writing: Has It Changed Over the Years?
April 01, 2020
Author : Bill

It is rightly said, “Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go”. It is something which comes naturally and cannot be stagnated in a fixed style. So, what comes to your mind when we talk about the best way to flaunt your writing calibre? Is it academic writing? This is probably because of the same pattern that we have been following for writing our assignments! We are acquainted with the unique style of writing every assignment which includes an essay, a dissertation, report, or even a case study, aren’t we? However, there are a fewemerging trends in academic writingthat wewill be talking about in this blog. emerging trends in academic publishing (1) Not just academic writing, the way journals and articles were published initially has gone through a lot of change every year. This is expected to change even more, in the coming few years. Now, let us look at thetop 5 emerging trends in academic writing.

5 Emerging Trends That Have Changed the Way of Writing Assignments

1. Blending informal and formal tones

Has it come as a shock to you, having known that an academic style of writing is followed for writing academic assignments? Not denying it. However, this is something which the universities are adapting to nowadays. Adding a little bit of informality depending upon the context is now being accepted by the professors of different universities. With this, ourassignment writersdo not mean to make use of casual language or slang in your assignment; we just mean that now you can simplify the level of English used in the assignment. Just like everything else in the world, language to undergoes a lot of changes. What’s the harm in making communication easier by adapting to an informal tone?

2. Cut down on errors with the help of advanced software

Though the availability of error-checking software has been in abundance for the last few years, it is predicted that this trend will be taking its actual form this year. There will be an alarming increase in the volume of content from 2020 onwards. And most of these content will be stellar. So, you can turn this into your favour and get your hands on a plethora of free as well as paid error-checking software that can make your content seamlessly flawless.

3. Quality has been a constant

Earlier it was believed that “content is the king”. With time, this notion has also changed. Now, it is believed that not only content but “quality content is the king”. in this era of perfection, where we demand everything to be of high-quality, how can we not expect this from academic writing? Even our professors want our assignments to be prim and proper and have high-quality content in them. Initially, we used to look after the quality of ourselves. Now, we have the latest software and apps to assist us with the proofreading and editing part. Naturally, with these, it is clear how important it is to write quality academic assignments, isn’t it? Maybe, this is why a lot of students are reaching ourassignment helpexperts to get quality reference assignment solutions!

4. The doorway to deductive reasoning

What is deductive reasoning? It is the scientific process where you reach a logical true conclusion. This method not only allows you to think rationally but also adds on to the overall weight of your academic assignment. This is why ourassignment writerspay extra attention to introduce deductive reasoning in their work for their work is based on in-depth analysis and implementation of the solution. This is the new trend that has enabled students to gain an edge over others. Today, when everything is available on the internet, developing your deductive reasoning becomes the trend.

5. Most academic assignments that are based on arguments and evidence

Earlier, it was believed that only some assignments like essays or case studies needed to be constructed upon arguments. As time changes, every form of academic assignment is now solely depending on the arguments presented in them. The need of the hour is to shift to a broader argumentative form of writing, that is not only more credible but also a more reliable form of writing. This is because when we present some argument in our assignment, it is making it our own.

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