Traditional Media vs New Media 

Traditional Media vs New Media 
January 16, 2019
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Do you have a marketing assignment where you have to convince the investors to adapt to the new media? 

Are you not able to bring a great idea into your mind that puts social media steps ahead of traditional media? 

Are you not able to think of some mind-blowing ideas that will make the investors love new media and throw the traditional media out the window? 

Don’t worry, My Assignment Services is here. 

Begin By Understanding Why New Media Is Necessary 

If we go back a couple of years, we used to be attracted by a commercial on the TV. “Boy, that product looks amazing and I need to buy it like right now.” This used to be our reaction. 

What do we do now? We check online. We read customer reviews, we conduct research. We check out the competing products and what they are offering. 

You and I, we have evolved as buyers. And so have the companies. 

Earlier in the day, when I had a product, I would rely on radio advertisements, tv commercials and newspaper articles. This is traditional media. 

Digital Marketing, in the world of today, gives the companies and brands to build a community of customers who are ideal buyers and revolve around their product.

Before you oppose traditional media, understand what it is. 

When you are drawing a comparison between the traditional media and social media, it is good to be aware of what you are sending back with a sad face. 

The world of traditional media is quite large. If you will observe clearly, you are going to see so many examples. You have been exposed to many throughout your life. When you see a TV commercial between your favourite show, read a magazine waiting for your turn at the salon or listen to a radio ad, you are being exposed to marketing using traditional media techniques. 

The newspaper that you handle with a morning coffee, the billboard (not the music one) that you drive by and every flier that makes it way into the mailbox. They are all traditional media marketing crawling up silently in your daily lives. 

Such cool billboards are also going to get you likes and shares, not customers. 

Your assignment’s stakeholders think that these advertisements are everywhere and are doing a fantastic job. With flashy ads and sales-heavy copy, they are influencing consumers. But you don’t think that. You don’t agree that these ads are sufficient to build the trust of the consumers on the product and services. You think that you are only bombing the customers with advertisements. 

How does new media do a better job? 

New media basically means social media, so let us focus on that only. I remember that earlier social media used to be Facebook where we sent friend requests and talked with other people. But now, social media has significantly changed the face of marketing. 

The world of marketing is changing and social media is a key contributor to it. 

SOS radios only worked one way, you broadcast your message for help. The traditional media meant that you broadcasted your message to the consumers. All you could do is try to reach as many people as you could. 

This process means you have to wait and hope. Hope that your product will be reached out to the right audience. The customer got what you are selling. It was working well for a long time. 

Ting Tong. Here comes the internet. Now people have become restless. There was a monumental shift in the way we are carrying out our daily tasks. The consumers were buying in a way and the producers were selling in a way. This was new media. 

In the world of today, digital marketing is a saviour for many dying businesses. That is what you need to write in the assignment. Tell that social media marketing techniques are effective, cheap and reach out the right audience. 

Through social media marketing techniques, you can target the ideal customers who are going to buy your products. You can also build relationships with the customers this way making your brand more valuable to their eyes. “OMG, Louis Vuitton commented on my post about their product!”, such expressions are going to take you places. 

Write in your assignment “Rick, I think that you are making a mistake discarding this proposal. You need to understand that the world is changing and we need to change with it too. Here is why your traditional media work no more and why my new media techniques are needed.” 

Traditional Media vs Social Media 

In the ring on my right is the traditional media. It has knocked out hundreds of competitors like characters from Game of Thrones. To challenge its reign, I have on my left the budding and new social media. 


Every company wants to save their money. They all want a maximum output with minimum money. Social media marketing is less expensive. No, I did not say cheap. I said less expensive. This means that it costs less than printing advertisements, making TV commercials, etc. 

You don’t have to print 1000 copies to reach 1000 different customer segments. You will pay a fraction of that and reach the right audience. 

Throw a couple of hefty terms like Cost Per Impression which is $3 for social media and $28 for TV. 

I know, yeah. 


Traditional media is like a cannon. You fire it and hope it will hit the target. Social media has the power to hit its target with the precision of a laser. 

If you want to target only 10 international students at Deakin University who have never hiked, you can do that using social media marketing! 

I know you might not be using this in your assignment but at least you got an idea, yeah? You will hit the bullseye every time, tell that to the stakeholders. 

Your technique is going to be the Dude Perfect of marketing strategies. 


Social media marketing uses the content. This creative and informative content is used to build trust with the customers. On the other hand, when you were using traditional marketing, you were in a way forcing opinions on the customers. This forced opinion was hoped to attract the customer at some point. 

Social media marketing also lets the buyers learn as much as they can about you and your product before they make their mind. This allows you to create a healthy relationship with the consumers and gain a loyal customer segment. 

You don’t want to be the one saying this to your customers. Such situations will lead you to go out of business and go home. Packed. 

But you can trust My Assignment Services for your marketing assignments! 

I can help you remove all the doubts that are bothering your little brain. Whether you have to convince the stakeholders to bring in new media or resort back to traditional media, my expertise of marketing domain is going to be an advantage for you. Take marketing assignment help through guided sessions from me right now! 

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