UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World Humanities Assessment Answer

UNCC300 Justice and Change in a Global World Humanities Assessment Answer
March 17, 2020
Author : Syd Howell

As the name suggests, “Justice and change in a global world”, the unit itself gives an idea of the dignity of the human person that works within the paradigm of the global community. So, when students enrol themselves in UNCC300, they get an overview of all the requisite skills that cover the cooperative efforts of the government, faith groups, not-for-profit agencies, and businesses to attain an equitable world that is based on just decisions.

The assignments that you will receive in this unit will make you efficient enough in transforming yourself into an active agent to foster common good within the boundaries of an interconnected and interdependent world. Let us now look into the aspects of a UNCC300 Justice and change in a global world assessment answer and try to add an element of our expertise in it.

You might be quite inquisitive to know the different set of assignments that you will have to face when you study this unit. So, here our humanities assignment help experts bring forth the three assignments that fall under justice and change in a global world.

  1. Assessment task 1: Poster
  2. Assessment task 2: Opinion editorial
  3. Assessment task 3: Written paper

Now, let us look into the aspects in detail that are constituted in all these assignments.

UNCC300 Justice and Change in Global World Assignments

All the assignments that come in the way of students are different and cover unique and separate areas in UNCC300. Therefore, it would be helpful to you if we discuss each of those here in detail. Now we will be sharing the basic approach to all these assignments, just like our humanities assignment writers do.

These are:

Assessment task 1: Poster

The first assessment task that will come your way is to design a poster and this assignment will contribute 20% to the overall grades for the unit.

This is the UNCC300 assignment 1.


Few organisations or agencies are given to choose from. You can choose any one of the organisations and prepare an A3 digital poster for it. The purpose of the poster is to demonstrate how you as well the organisation you choose can contribute to transforming the community to a more just place to live in.

Assessment task 2: Opinion editorial

In UNCC300 assignment 2, you have to write an opinion editorial that will be a 700-words document. And this assignment contributes 30% to the overall grades for the unit.

This is the justice and change in global world assessment 2.


In this editorial opinion, our humanities assignment help experts were given many issues as listed in the question file. So, the task here is to analyse all the challenges that common good can face in specific professional community critically.

Choosing any one issue among the list, we draft a comprehensive editorial opinion for the reference purpose of students. What we focus on this assignment is on building several UNCC100 concepts and principles to explain a challenge with the common good.

Assessment task 3: Written paper

The last and the final section of the assignment that holds most of the percentage of grades for this unit is UNCC300 assignment 3, which contributes 50% of the overall grades for the unit.

This is the assessment task 3 for justice and change in the global world.


Primarily, this assessment task 3 is an extension of the previous assignment. In 1200 words, our humanities assignment help experts present a paper that is a critique of the same global issue that we have previously chosen in assignment 2.

Writing this paper, we make sure to include separate different sections to provide clarity to all the ideas that we have included in the paper.

Here, first, we present the scenario where shared responsibility for the common good is ignored in about 300 words. The next 900 words recapitulate all the different ways by which our humanities assignment writers plan to address the situation/challenge. We ensure to emphasise more on the latter section as the former section is already covered in the UNCC300 assignment 2.

So, these are the three different types of assignments which constitute the entire unit. We hope we have been successful in giving you a gist of all of them, which might be enough to help you begin with writing UNCC300 justice and change in global world assignment on your own. However, if you wish us to help you with the entire solution, then you can get in touch with our humanities assignment help experts. We will get back to you with the complete solution.

How To Draft UNCC300 Poster, Opinion Editorial, and Written Assignments?

Now that you are in a position to write these assignment solutions better, let us share with you certain vital points that must be included in each of the UNCC300 assignment solutions.

Before you start writing the solution for your assignment, make sure you are equipped with all the necessary knowledge about these terms and concepts:

Mainly, the solutions will centre around Catholic Social Thought and this concept will be applied upon the following areas.

  1. Efforts of public, private, you as a professional, faith groups and not-for-profit agencies in changing the global community to a more just community.
  2. Challenges faced by the Realising aspirations of the common good within the global and professional community
  3. Presenting a critique of the issue where there is a negligence of common good so that you can propose different ways of addressing his problem.

If you make sure that all these domains are covered in your UNCC300 justice and change in global world assignment, then you need not worry about your grades. You will come out with flying colours and secure top-notch grades in your assignments. If you are unclear about any of the discussed domains, then you can always rely upon our humanities assignment help experts for guidance.

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