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Verbal Irony in Literature with Examples

verbal irony examples
October 25, 2021
Author : Kristy

In 1995, there was a hit song that Alanis Morissette popularised. It was known as ‘Ironic’. In the song, a wide range of situations have been talked about like rain on a wedding day (which was inconvenient) etc.

Similarly, you must have wanted to highlight the incongruity between reality and the expectation in your literature assignments. The best way to do it is by using verbal irony. But what is it?

There are several questions that revolve around this. To clarify this for you, in this blog, we will give you an idea of verbal irony in literature with examples. Our academic writing help experts have created a vast repository of samples for the reference of students in Australia and all over the world.

My Assignment Services is a trustworthy online platform that has been dedicated to providing unparalleled academic assistance to students to help them come out with flying colours. Let us dwell deeper into the world of verbal irony and bring out the best guidance for you here.

verbal irony guidance

A Little Bit Of History About Verbal Irony: Did You Know?

It is true that Alanis Morisette popularised irony, she was not the one who invented it. Eiron, one of the characters in Greek, was behind inventing Irony. From Greece, it went to Latin as ‘ironia’, and then, finally, it became a popular figure of speech in English Literature during the 16th century.

Although, there are three kinds of irony that you will come across (dramatic irony, situational irony, and verbal irony), we will focus on Verbal Irony in Literature with Examples.

What Is Verbal Irony?

It is simply when the speaker has something else in his mind, and speaks something else. However, most of the students mistake it to be sarcasm. Though there are some differences between the two, they are not exactly the same. Unlike Sarcasm, Irony is not always used to attack someone or something.

In the ‘Ironic song’, the writer manages to include one of the verbal irony examples in it. There is an instance in which the plane was going down in the song. So, here she says, “Well, isn’t it nice”. This is what verbal irony is. By the line, it seems as if he was happy about the plane crash, however, it was just the opposite!

Unlike the other two types of irony, this is the one that is deliberated by the writer/author. You will understand Verbal Irony in Literature with Examples better. So, let us proceed with one of the best examples of verbal irony in Literature.

‘Julius Caesar’: The Most Popular Verbal Irony Examples In Literature!

Being a literature student in Australia, it is obvious that you might have come across the play Julius Caesar. However, did you know that it is a popular example of verbal irony? Yes, it is one of the depictions of how William Shakespeare tactfully used Verbal Irony in the play.

In the play, there is a famous line that is spoken by Mark Antony- “But Brutus says he was ambitious; / And Brutus is an honourable man”. In this line, it seems as if he is praising Brutus after Julius Caesar was assassinated, however, in reality, it is a witty ruse. Actually, he meant that Brutus was not at all honourable!

Probably, now you know what a verbal irony actually means. If there is still some confusion in this, then you can always come up to our academic writing help experts. Now, let us discuss one of the samples that is based on verbal irony in literature. With this, you will get a clear idea of how our experts use this in the different literature assignments.

Here’s One Of The Verbal Irony Examples For You

In the image below, notice how we have used verbal irony in these lines. Over the years, our literature assignment help experts have come across a number of assignments covering verbal irony.

verbal irony sample

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