Well Done! Dear Class of 2020. Sundar Pichai joins youtube live and says, “You will prevail” | COVID Update

Well Done! Dear Class of 2020. Sundar Pichai joins youtube live and says, “You will prevail”  | COVID Update
June 11, 2020
Author : Bill Williams

Hello, Class of 2020. (Let me first get it out of my system, before I even start). YOU are AWESOME; Total #respect. An invisible killer is roaming freely in your backyards; you can’t catch it or kill it and here you are, beaming with light, using digital mediums to sprint across continents and busy with your Tête-à-Tête with the biggest celebrities in the world. class of 2020_you tube virtual graduation Commencement 2020; A youtube original has enabled live streaming of Virtual Graduation. It is a savage trend because top celebrities have stepped up to share their piece of mind and to motivate the senior graduating class in America. ( Photo | YouTube) Damn Right! You are Fantastic. Agreed that it wasn’t the graduation you planned but did you in your wildest dreams imagine the likes of Obamas, Oprah, BTS, Beyoncé and host of other Hollywood and Business World A-listers lining up to deliver your graduation speeches? We at My Assignment Services can’t be happier in welcoming a brilliant lot of Senior Students such as you and are super excited to offer our top-rated homework help services in the USA. 02-chloe-halle-youtube-grad-2020-billboard-1548-1591637642-768x508 Youtube’s “Dear Class of 2020” included live performances for the #class of 2020 including Chloe X Hall (above) and other artists such as Megan Thee Stallion, BTS and a soul-stirring flute performance by Lizzo. Photo | Youtube.com

YouTube Virtual Graduation Speeches. How this beloved trend started?

The trend started in April 2020. A senior high schooler tweeted to Barack Obama and requested him to deliver a virtual address to the Class of 2020. He used the hashtag #ObamaCommencement2020 and did it work? The ex-President of The United States gave not one but three speeches. Youtube has started a live streaming channel, “Dear Class of 2020” for this purpose. The trend is savage today and scores of celebrities ar since #jawing with the 2020 graduating classes all over America on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. sunder pichai video Sunday Pichai is a prime role model for university students all over the world. His virtual speech at YT’s Dear class of 2020 is a well-publicized and heavily viewed on youtube. His appeal to graduating students to stay hopeful and impatient means a lot for them during this pandemic. Photo | YouTube.com

Google CEO joins Obamas, Oprah and Beyoncé in welcoming the #SeniorClassof2020

The latest to join the trend is Mr Sundar Pichai; CEO of the world’s most important company: Google. His message is simple, “Be Hopeful and Be Impatient”. He, with the rest of the world, is relying on you for the next digital revolution; for you to create technologies that are more accessible and to achieve what your previous generation failed at; Making our Planet Earth a better place. Sundar Pichai‘s virtual address to Graduating Scholars of the world is particularly special. His words are comforting, inspiring and provoke positive actions. His simple eloquence may easily find parlance to the style of a genius where he has successfully motivated each one of us to dream and deliver larger than life and that the future of the mankind depends on your generation.

Here are the excerpts of the virtual graduation speech by Sundar Pichai:

  • His opening-message to the graduating students sums it all, “Be open, Be impatient and Be hopeful. You will prevail.” The bad times will eventually go.
  • He continues with saying that during adverse times such as these, it is hard for all of us to be optimistic but he takes straight to the point with his statement, “You will Prevail”
  • Using historical examples of the 1920 epidemic, the Vietnam War and the 9/11 incident, the chief executive officer at Google simplifies it for everyone. We will prevail like past generations. No matter what the current situation is; things will get back to being normal and we must seek opportunities to plan for a better future and upgrade our skills during this Pandemic.
  • In his youtube address; he also uses nostalgia from his own life. How he had no full-time access to a computer before he arrived in the USA 27 years ago. He goes on to say that during that time his father had to burn his entire years' salary to buy him the plane ticket and his backpack alone cost his father’s one whole months’ salary. Revelations like this; especially coming from the head of one of the biggest tech companies in the world are encouraging. These words are enough to empower the listeners, to believe that everything is possible and an individual can strike gold despite all odds and hardships as long they are focused on their academic goals.
  • He frankly expressed his awe over sharing the platform with the likes of Obamas and Lady Gaga but the most important takeaway from the speech given by the CEO of Google and Alphabet is his views on the future of technology. He has appealed to students to be impatient with innovation, it is ok to be frustrated with the technology that we use and we must think about bettering it. In his views, unlike his generation who did not have full-time access to computers, computers are a norm with this generation and that is why he is confident that the class of 2020 will create scalable technologies that he and his peers cannot dream of.

This original video of Sundar Pichai addressing the graduating class of 2020 is available on Youtube.com/Dear Class of 2020 Channel. See the full video here…

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