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What is a Deed of Assignment?

What is a Deed of Assignment
March 12, 2022
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Did you just Google what is a deed of assignment is? Fresher law students and students pursuing a program that has no connection to any legal jargon might mistake it for an action that one deliberately performs to achieve nirvana. Yes, it is 'indeed' an action performed intentionally by a person but made legal. To be precise, it is a document of transferring property ownership. Read forth to learn more about it.

A deed is a signed legal document containing all the legal statutes, laws, and agreement clauses for transferring a property or financial assets from previous owners to a new one. Such a document is required to transfer property, tenancies, mortgages, wills, power of attorney, and a partnership agreement.

Did you know that Australia's different
states and territories have distinct legislation
that entails specific requirements?
To execute a deed in Australia, you
need to heed the state laws.

For example, suppose a person is selling their property. In that case, the new buyers and the previous owners will sign a deed that contains a detailed list of assets, liabilities and legal monetary exchange. Both parties sign a deed agreeing to the clauses of ownership transfer, and the previous owner holds no.

things to keep in mind while drafting a sale deed

Who Signs the Deed of Assignment?

Let's move on to the processes in such an agreement process. The deed has to be executed before the concerned parties can sign it; it is a legal process under which both parties discuss and agree/disagree to the clauses and conditions in the agreement and formally accept the final document. When a party formally accepts a document, they have bound the terms of the document.

A deed is considered a valid legal document only when registered under the local court law; the deed has to be notarized and delivered to the new owner. The process of signing a deed is the most important, and both parties have to be present while signing, or a pre-informed stand-in can be there.

There are over 10.6 million residences in
Australia, total cost estimated at 1.8 trillion
Australian dollars. - Australian Bureau of

In most cases, the original/previous owner signs the deed to transfer ownership. But in a partnership agreement or a mortgage transfer, both parties must sign the deed of agreement. A physical handwritten signature is required, and an e-generated signature is not valid.

Often, a nominee witnesses the exchange of signatures as part of the legal formalities. Generally, the nominees are not required to sign the deed, but it majorly depends on the legal requirement of the state/country. The nominee signing the document must not be related to either of the parties. A family member, an employee or the representative attorney cannot sign the deed.

Lastly, a real-estate deed takes effect when the deed is delivered to the new owner a physical or a constructive delivery, i.e. handing over the house keys or assets. Constructive delivery is not official or legal transfer, but concerned parties often do it by mutual agreement.

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Delivering a deed through electronic mediums is also a feasible option, but both parties must hand over a physical copy of the signed document to the coordinator. The legal coordinator monitors the exchange and helps in legal registration and notarisation.

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what are the various types of deeds

What is the Difference Between Transfer and Assignment?

In the previous two sections, we discussed 'what is a deed of assignment?' and the process of signing, executing and delivering a deed. But, let me elaborate on the differences between transferring and assignment of the deed. Both these might be synonyms, yet in legal terminology, assignment means a complete transfer of property or asset ownership from one person to another. In contrast, transfer means appointing an asset or property to another person to control while the ownership belongs to the original owner.

A deed of agreement is the modernized version
of a charter, which helps ownership and transfer
rights used in ancient Europe.

A deed of assignment and a memorandum of transfer are two distinct documents for respective purposes. Land ownership can be assigned to a new owner through a deed, and a transfer of assets is done through signing a memorandum of transfer. Meanwhile, a licence is a legal document that doesn't permit infringement; the legal governing bodies decide if the assignment can be revoked or if a transfer is possible.

For example, a business or an insurance policy is transferred to a person when the original owner is unavailable to fulfil their duties due to ailment or sudden demise. The original owner assigns the business assets, or insurance policy returns to a new owner through their will (often after the demise) or legal transfer.

Conclusion: What is a Deed of Assignment, and How is it Useful in Real Life?

Legal transfers and assignments are among the most common and extensively exchanged legal transactions. People buy/sell properties every day, and businesses seeking to expand sign legal partnership agreements frequently. It is a very basic yet detailed legal document that many students learn about at high school and later develop their knowledge through university academia.

The most common legal implication of a deed you will ever witness is the legal battle for a property that occurs generally. Many of you must've witnessed it, or one might be currently in action within your extended family. When the property owner passes away without defining a will, then the next generation successors of a business or the potential owners of the property can challenge each other in court.

A deed of partnership is a legal agreement between two business partners when establishing a legal business partnership. It states the shared assets and liabilities, profit/loss ratio and the revenue shares to be distributed among both partners. A business deed of agreement is often signed by two collaborating businesses or when a bigger organization takes over a smaller business.

The exchange process dates back to 6000 BC in the
Mesopotamian tribes, known as the barter system.

Lastly, the transfer of insurance policy also requires a deed of agreement; it is signed by the assignor (original policyholder) who wants to share the profits of an insurance policy with an assignee (family member or the new policyholder). Such agreements occur due to the sudden demise of the assignor or some specific conditions.

There are other implications of a deed of agreement, and often it is an oral agreement between two parties that they can legalize in the future. The exchange of assets has been in practice since the barter currency system. The ancient humans had fewer resources, so the chances of getting your money swindled were less, but technological advancement has resulted in various ways of getting conned. A legal document is required to legalize an agreement of assignment under the state court and secure both parties' legal rights.

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