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What Is Developmental Psychology?

define developmental psychology
October 31, 2021
Author : Albert Freddie

Change is inevitable. From conception to death, it is a continuous cycle through which humans grow. Many of the psychologists strive hard to get an understanding of this process. However, this is a tedious process, hence, some changes seem to be natural ones, while others are unexpected ones. To decipher this complex process and changes, we first need to know what developmental psychology is.

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What Is Developmental Psychology?

Professionals identify potential issues and their outcomes with the help of the principles that are laid under normative development. So, if a student is aspiring to be a developmental psychologist, then it is quite easy for them to address the loopholes and foster growth.

The branch of psychology that deals with studying the change and growth of people over a period of time. In fact, different aspects such as the social, cognitive, emotional, and physical changes are also taken into consideration in this process.

There are different issues that are handled by developmental psychologists. These include:

  1. Cognitive development of children during early childhood and all throughout the life
  2. Which are the cultural and social parameters that influence the development of children?
  3. Developmental Challenges that people face with learning disabilities
  4. Self concept and awareness
  5. Emotional development
  6. Personality development
  7. Language acquisition
  8. Motor skill development
  9. Moral reasoning

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4 Core Theories Of Developmental Psychology

Human development is an extensive field of study for students in Australia and all over the world. To understand it better, often developmental psychologists utilise a wide plethora of theories to draw the main conclusions for various sub-parts of this domain.

Owing to this, our science assignment writers will now list out the four major theories that underlie developmental psychology. If you are perplexed about any of these theories, then you can always turn to us for guidance on them.

These are:

1. Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

According to Jean Piaget, there are four different stages of cognitive development in children all throughout their life. With the help of this theory, it not only becomes possible to trace the trajectory of how they acquire knowledge, but also decipher their exact intellect.

The stages of cognitive development that are studied with the help of this theory are as follows:

  • Sensorimotor stage (New born- 2 years)
  • Preoperational stage (2 years- 7 years)
  • Concrete operational stage (7 years- 11 years)
  • Formal operational stage (12 years- death)

2. Theory of Attachment

As the name suggests, this theory of development psychology focuses on the relationships and bonds that people form in their lifetime. Also, the main focus is on the long-term relationships like the relationship that is shared between a daughter and her parents, or between romantic partners.

3. Erikson’s Theory Of Psychosocial Development

Erik Erikson was the one who developed one of the most popular theories in developmental psychology. It is true that Sigmund Freud influenced many of his works, however, this theory centred around psychosocial development instead of psychosexual development.

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Psychosocial Development

4. Theory of Sociocultural Development

There are different contributions that a society makes that influence the development of an individual. The theory focuses on the interaction between an individual and the culture he/she dwells in. or in other words, it stresses on the fact that human learning is largely influenced by society.

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Collecting a life story

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