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What is a Merge Sort Algorithm?

Merge Sort Algorithm
October 13, 2021
Author : Julia Miles

As the name suggests, the Merge sort algorithm is a kind of divide and conquer algorithm. If an input array is given to us, and we need to divide it into two halves and then merge it again, then in this situation, we use the merge-sort algorithm to merge those two halves.

Owing to the technicalities involved in this process, a lot of students often come to us to get the answer to what is a merge sort algorithm. This is what we will be talking about in this blog. We have a professional panel of over 2,500 experts in our team who have flourished in this industry for over a decade now. We have been dealing with the intricacies of each topic well and trying our best to come up with instant solutions for students in Australia and all over the world.

Six Step of Merge Sort

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How Does The Merge-Sort Algorithm Work?

Before we can equip you with some more information about solving assignment problems on this algorithm, it would be helpful for you to get an insight into the working of the Merge-sort algorithm. Do you know how the algorithm works?

Fret not, as our information technology assignment writers have already got you covered. In a step-by-step manner, we will let you know how the Merge-sort algorithm works.

Top-Down Merge Sort Implementation

This is a methodology that works on the recursion mechanism. As the name suggests, it begins from the top and moves towards the bottom. Whenever a recursive term comes, the algorithm simply asks one question, that is, what we need to do to sort the array.

For this, we also get this answer: split the given array into two halves, make a recursive call, and merge the obtained results until we reach the bottom of this given array tree.

Quite confusing? Our information technology assignment help experts will now provide you with an example to clarify this better.

Example: For instance, we have an unsorted list with us. First, we divide this list into sublists that have one element each in them. Further, we need to divide this list into more sublists. At last, we merge these sublists to produce a new sublist that will be the only one left.

What if we have two lists to be merged? This is how we do it.

lists to be merged

There are hundreds of thousands of students who find difficulties in completing these technical assignments themselves. For all those students, our experts have maintained a large repository of reliable assignment samples on the merge sort algorithms. Discussing one of those samples here will help you in creating immaculate assignments on this topic. So, let us begin.

How To Solve An Assignment On Merge Sort Algorithms And Secure Top-Notch Grades? Here’s How Our Experts Do It For You

Over the years, there has been no such query of students that we were not able to cover from our end. Having dealt with different challenges that students face in these assignments, our information technology assignment help experts are now here with one of the most recent assignment samples on the merge sort algorithm to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of this right away.

merge sort algorithm sample

This is one of the questions that we received from students recently. The primary objective of this task is to show the coding that will give the outcome shown in the above image. This is how our information technology assignment help experts carry out the programming and determined the outcome with the following coding shown in the image below. 

the programming and determined outcome

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