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What is Travel Nursing?

Travel Nursing
March 11, 2022
Author : Keith Morris

If you are someone who lives by the words, "to travel is to live," and also the person who believes that they're made for the greater purpose of helping the sick, travel nursing is your thing. If you want to pursue your dream of becoming a medical professional and you hold a deep passion for exploring the world, travel nursing will help conquer both.

Some might wonder, 'what is travel nursing?' and how do I become a travel nurse? Have no worries; in this blog, we'll discuss the quirks of travel nursing and how you can become a travel nurse. It is popularly known that professional courses require students to dedicate years to learning and practising; only a few can afford to pursue a nursing degree and a ticket to an international destination simultaneously.

Nurses constitute over half of all
healthcare personnel worldwide,
yet a critical shortfall of 5.9 million
new nurses is needed, particularly
in developing nations.

Travel nurses are not very different from staff nurses. They are not just specialized nurses but individuals from the field of medicine who are posted to various locations for helping hospitals and medical agencies for a short time. Often people with experience in nursing work as travel nurses; they travel around the world and work at different hospitals, clinics and health facilities to make up for the shortage of staff.

why choose travel nursing

What Do Travelling Nurses Do?

Travel nurses are a crucial part of the healthcare system as they make up for the gaps and shortage of medical staff. As their profession requires them to work in a hospital for a period, the earning of a travel nurse is quite high. But, how exactly does this profession work? Let's discuss this further, shall we?

Work Location

  • Travel nursing is not restricted to working in a hospital; they work in homes, schools, offices, clinics, medical facilities and other locations that require a medical professional.
  • Many nurses work in a hospital as hospitals hire them to work for a period of staff shortage.
  • Schools, workplaces or other organizations require an in-house medical professional to aid the students/staff in minor medical emergencies.
  • Various aged patients or bed0ridden patients require a medical professional to care for them; travel nurses work in homes.
  • Local/international sports teams require a team of professionals that provide medical assistance; the job lasts for a limited time, various travel nurses also assist such teams.

Training is one of humanity's biggest
blessings, beside a doctor and a priest.
Quote by Dr William Osler

Job Responsibilities

  • The basic responsibilities include checking vitals, vaccinations, taking blood samples, and providing glucose Infusion.
  • Inspecting wounds, dressing the wound, and monitoring the patient's condition.
  • Addressing the patient's symptoms and providing diagnosis with healthcare advice.
  • Compiling patients health reports and monitoring their patient's recovery process.
  • Sterilizing the medical equipment and preparing them for operation procedures.
  • Working with various healthcare providers to curate the patient's routine, medication and diet plans.

Skill Requirements

  • Undergraduate degree in nursing.
  • Medical practice licence.
  • Experience in the field of medical practice.
  • Problem-solving, critical thinking, and organizational skills.
  • Medical report writing skills.
  • Physical fitness, dieting and well-being certification.
  • Work experience in a certified healthcare facility.

So here's the answer to what is travel nursing? And what exactly do travel nurses do? The field of travel medicine seems like a job that anyone can pursue but keep in mind that a good experience or medical practice history is required. You will not get hired solely based on your passion for the field; travel nurses work in your typical hospital with long shift hours before becoming a travel nurse.

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What is the Difference Between a Staff Nurse and a Travel Nurse?

The nurses who work as travel nurses or staff nurses aren't very different from one another as both work to provide healthcare aid. Both are registered nurses that work in a healthcare facility, travel, and staff nurses pursue bachelor's degrees in nursing and complete their medical practice. Travel nurses require at least two years of experience before they switch to another geographical location to work. In-house nurses generally work in the same medical facility for many years.

Travel nurses work on short-period assignments, whereas staff nurses are employed for a long time. Travel nurses get unpaid holidays and are employed by hiring agencies, receive agreed to pay and get no promotions. In-house nurses get paid time off from work and are employed by the hospital authorities, get promoted to a senior position and have certified income.

Twenty years down the line, you might
regret what you didn't end up doing
more than the ones you did. Quote by
Mark Twain

Travel nurses can pick a location for their next employment and negotiate to get paid more; staff nurses work in the same location and get a certified salary until the next salary hike. Staff nurses have a fixed number of holidays. Meanwhile, travel nurses can take time off from work as their income is also quite high.

Both nursing forms have pros and cons, yet, it only depends on the person's zeal for their profession and pursuing a passion. Those who work in a hospital and those who work while travelling gain knowledge of their field and work with different professionals. It depends on the individuals' personal preferences, many seek the thrill of travelling, and others find comfort in familiarity.

what are the skills required for becoming a travel nurse

How Did Travel Nursing Become One of the Most Sought After Professions in Covid?

Nursing is a field that requires individuals to heed the ailing with utmost dedication and passion. Often some nurses choose to quit being regular nurses in a hospital, but why does it happen? It can be due to early burnout and mental distress. Nurses monitor the patient's condition, prepare reports, assist in medical procedures, take medication, and more in a single shift.

It is a job that often gets too demanding, but 2020 is the year that has shown an exceptional rise in the number of nurses in hospitals and especially travels nurses. There's a frequent shortage of nursing staff in hospitals; the requirement increased manifold in pandemics. But, travel nurses played a protagonist's role in such circumstances as they helped bridge the gaps in hospitals.

Due to the high rise in infections, the hospitals faced a shortage of equipment and staff. The dedication of the frontline medical professionals stood strong to help the covid patients. Travel nursing rapidly became a majorly sought profession as it wasn't just a specific geographical location that was hit, but the world was going through it. Travel nurses greatly helped make up for the staff shortage and relieve the infected patients. It won't be an understatement to say that they hard-carried the medical system.

Still wondering, what is travel nursing? The various opportunities, perks, income, and unique experiences that travel nursing offers has made it one of the most sought after careers in the medical field. Students who aspire to pursue their studies to explore various countries while engaging in professional practice should opt for the intriguing profession of travel nursing.

The riskiest thing of all, spending your
whole life not doing what you want rather
compromising your freedom to do it later.
Quote by Randy Komisar

Many dreams of the 'wanderlust' life yet don't have the motivation, courage and the budget to step out of their comfort to unravel the various experiences that travelling offers. Travel nursing provides the opportunity to earn while you travel. Many are turning to a profession as it fulfils the joys of earning and exploring altogether.

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