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Why Is It Important To Use Imagery In Narrative Writing?

why is imagery important
August 30, 2021
Author : Kristy

It is often said that any write-up becomes more evocative with the use of proper literary devices. Then, readers understand the message being conveyed by it better. When it comes to working in narrative writing, imagery becomes one of the potent tools to use. One among hundreds of different literary devices is 'imagery.' Why is imagery essential, or what makes a writer use imagery in an essay or any other writing piece?

This is the question that we will ponder further in this blog. One of the colossal blunders would be using it without knowing when and why to use it. And, this is what most of the students are accustomed to. Fear not; our essay writing help experts guide you through the process whenever you want our assistance.

Many students have relied upon our expert writers at My Assignment Services to know the answers to Why Is It Important to Use Imagery in Narrative Writing? Let us discuss this further in this blog.

types of imagery

What Is Imagery in Writing? This Is What Our Experts Say

Imagine a situation where you have loads of images to understand a given text, and on the other hand, you have the option to read the textbooks. In which of these cases will you understand it better? Obviously, with the help of images! We suppose images have some evocative characteristics that trigger our emotions, so we can understand the writing better and retain it in our minds for a longer duration.

When it comes to narrative writing, all that we would want as a writer would be to appeal to the readers' emotions so that they can relate well to the topic. And, who does it better than imageries? Why is imagery important? It is simple because it deepens the reader's understanding of what is being conveyed in writing and how to feel about it.

Confused About When to Use the Imagery in Narrative Writing?

In most cases, students feel that using heavy literary devices in their work will fetch them the grades they desire. On the contrary, it only works in those places where it is needed. Stuffing your narrative essay with images would somewhat lessen the intent that it was to convey.

Let us take an example of one of the images that won't work if used in any writing.

Example: She was starving, and this is why she felt as if a swarm of bees were buzzing around in her stomach.

In this imagery example, bees are the figurative language. The imagery used in this example is not adding anything extra to the fact that she is hungry. There's no depth to the sentence. Then, what is the use of imagery here? This is what most of the students get perplexed about. We could have quickly proceeded to state simply that she is hungry.

Let us give you an excellent example of a situation where imagery works.

Example: She watches him accept Sara's proposal. Regret gnawed at her like a starving lion, and she stormed off, throwing the bouquet of roses into the trash. Why hadn't she proposed to him yesterday?

You can easily differentiate between the intensity of the action that has happened using the imagery, can't you? It not only introduces us to the emotions that she was experiencing but also adds a layer of emotion in the readers' minds.

This is what the actual purpose of imagery in narrative writing is. It not only brings life to the characters of the text or write-up but also shakes the readers' emotions, and he/she automatically connects to the characters.

Hopefully, we have been able to impart most of the requisite knowledge about the use of images in narrative writing in this blog. If you're still left with any of your doubts, then the narrative essay sample that we will discuss now will clear it all for you.

How to Use the Imagery in Narrative Writing? Here's a Sample for Your Reference

In these years, our essay writers have worked diligently for students to provide the best reference essays right at their doorsteps. Thinking about how to use the imagery in narrative writing. Hover over the following excerpt. It is from one of the narrative essays that we have produced for our valued clients. 

Imagery in Narrative Writing sample

As you can see in the above image, 'spread like wildfire' has been used as the imagery here. We have used it in the introduction itself to bind the readers from the very beginning. It is showing urgency in the situation.

Coming to the body paragraph,

Narrative Writing essay sample

We have used several images to add depth to what we want to say in the body paragraphs. With the help of this, we can build a connection between the readers and the essay's arguments. Once the readers' emotions get stirred, it becomes easier for us to bind them to the conclusion of the essay.

This is a small attempt from our side to help you understand imagery in narrative writing. If anything is still left, you can get in touch with our essay writing help Canada experts via live one-on-one sessions whenever you get the chance to interact with us. We are available throughout the day to cater to each of your queries. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get instant feedback from us.

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