Writing a College Assignment Not Your Cup Of Tea? Read To Know What All To Avoid!

Writing a College Assignment Not Your Cup Of Tea? Read To Know What All To Avoid!
April 22, 2020
Author : Alex

Now that you have done all your bit to fix your position among the brightest students all over the world, it is time to paddle up. You might be scratching your heads right now to know how to write quality assignment answers. My Assignment Services is an online platform that has over 5,000 assignment help experts for your assistance. While bringing up customised, superior-quality reference assignment solutions for students for more than a decade now, we have always helped students get through their dilapidated condition, whenever they got stuck with doing their assignments. Nowadays, we all are quarantined at our homes, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. So, let us have a look at some of the tips that will make your quarantine study easier!

tips to make quarantine study easy

How To Write Assignment Answers In a Way that They Stand Apart?

Several students have taken reference from the college assignment examples that have been drafted by our professional assignment writers. We have also come across students who got confused and guided them on the steps of assignment writing. In addition to this, we have also assisted students in gaining an insight into the standard assignment format.

For now, we will be focusing on those things that must be avoided while writing a college assignment. When you avoid these things, you will automatically see how it sets you apart among the crowd!

Here’s a rundown of those top 5 things:

1. Presenting other’s ideas as own

Known as plagiarism, it is no less than a cardinal sin in the context of assignment writing. Naturally, every professor in every university all over the world would go medieval on this serious academic misconduct. Professors aren’t ignorant about technology, isn’t it?

A lot of students have approached us asking how to summarise without plagiarising? Well, we have let them know about the different referencing styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago etc. If you use these to reference and give due credits to the author whose work you have cited in your assignment, then it won’t fall under the category of plagiarism.

2. Procrastinating

Stop Procrastinating Facebook Cover

Creating an assignment outline is the key essential factor that drives you off the edge and helps you get ahead of others. But you can only design an outline when you have a lot of time in your hands. So, if you have been procrastinating on your submission deadlines, then it is the right time to stop doing it!

When you draft an outline first, you visualise all that you have to include in the final draft and thus, work towards researching on it. Naturally, you won’t miss out on the important elements in the assignments, that you would otherwise do, had you been drafting the final draft directly.

3. Insufficient evidence to satiate the arguments

We all know how important are having concrete arguments in any assignments. But, we cannot argue without proper evidence or supporting ideas. So, you have to be cautious while picking up the evidence to support the main thesis statement.

For this, avoid taking it from websites or sources that are not credible and restrict yourselves to hover over only those works that are authentic and hold high regard related to the topic or subject. What our assignment help experts do here is, they go for journal articles, peer review articles, newspapers and books written by recognised scholars. This not only gives us a broad exposure to the world of laureates but also provide us with ample information to base our arguments on.

4. Writing same things over and over and over

Isn’t the heading too irritating? This is how exactly your professors feel when they read the same information recurrent times in your assignment.

So, when students reach us to know the things to avoid while writing a college assignment, we suggest them to be articulate while writing. This means to stick to the given word count and focusing on the quality rather than the quantity. The college assignment samples that we draft are generally concise and without repetition of points. This is because we believe in ‘less is more’.

5. Not paying attention to the format and structure

Mostly, we have come across students who find it challenging to adhere to the given guidelines about the assignment. Be it the format or the structure of the assignment, a lot of students lose out their grades due to this.

Each type of assignment has a different format. For instance, if we talk about an essay assignment, then the Essay Writing Help experts advise students to follow the 5-paragraph essay format. Similarly, other assignments follow specific formats which have to be kept in mind before attempting that assignment.

Talking about structuring the assignment, we all know that an assignment is an academic document. Naturally, it has to be written in a formal and academic tone. Generally, students overlook this aspect and include SMS or casual language in the assignment. This has to be avoided and you need to pay attention to the format, structure and grammar used in the assignment.

These are the top 5 things to avoid while writing a college assignment. All of these things should be excluded from your assignment if you wish to secure top-notch grades in them. How many of these are you avoiding? If you are not able to avoid any of these, then you can simply reach out to us.

Choose Our Assignment Help Experts For Writing Flawless College Assignments!

Have you been avoiding these things while writing your assignments already? Then, you are probably writing perfect assignments. However, we can help you write them instantly, just like a pro. Or maybe, we can help you conduct the research diligently so that you can focus on incorporating them easily in your work. My Assignment Services has always stood concretely, in times when students have required our assistance the most. Our assignment help experts are all at your service!


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