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What is the Cardiovascular System According to our Cardiovascular System assignment help through guided sessions Writers?

The Cardiovascular system features key elements like the heart, blood vessels & blood that functions as a transporting medium for oxygen, nutrients, and hormones all through the body. Moreover, the system fuels through the largest and efficient organ, the heart. 

The system functions in conjunction with the respiratory system and transports oxygen to the body tissues and takes off carbon dioxide. The cardiovascular system can be of two types, such as pulmonary circuit and systematic circuit. 

The pulmonary circuit features key organs like the heart, lungs, and pulmonary veins and arteries. Simultaneously, the systematic circuit red blood from your heart and deliver the same to the muscles and other body organs. The systematic circuit features arteries, capillaries, and arterioles. 

Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System

The Heart

The heart is the core element of the cardiovascular system and primarily a muscular pumping organ situated in the thoracic area.

Circulatory Loops

The human body features two primary circulatory loops, such as pulmonary circulation loop and systematic circulation loop. The systematic circulation loop takes out all the wastes from body tissues and brings back the deoxygenated blood. The right atrium and right ventricle are the pumping chambers for the pulmonary circulation loop. In contrast, the left atrium and left ventricle are the pumping chambers for the systematic circulation loop.

Blood Vessels

Blood Vessels are the platforms that transpire effective blood flow from our heart to other body parts and back. The blood vessels contain a hallow area popular as lumen, which plays a significant role in blood flow. 

On the other hand, in blood vessels endothelium, a thin layer maintains the blood cells inside the blood vessels and safeguards the clotting. Elements like arteries, capillaries are the common types of blood vessels. 

  • Capillaries

These are the thinnest essentials present in the blood vessels and carry blood to the cell tissues to obtain gases, nutrients, and other waste products in exchange. The capillaries are connected to the arterioles at one end and venules on the other end. 

  • Veins & Venules

Veins are the most crucial components of blood vessels that carry blood towards the heart. These are the counterpart of arteries which carry blood away from the heart. You can classify veins in several types, such as superficial veins, deep veins, communicating veins, pulmonary veins, and systematic veins. 

On the other hand, venules are the small blood vessels and instrumental in the microcirculation connect capillaries and veins. In general, the venules ranges from 8 to 10 um in diameter and adjoins to form a vein. 


The human body features around five liters of blood and is a liquid connective tissue; it is responsible for carrying essential substances throughout the body to maintain the right balance between nutrients, wastes, and gases. Blood comprises key elements like RBC, WBC, platelets, and Plasma. 

  • Red Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells or erythrocytes features more than 45% of our blood volume and mainly produced inside the red bone marrow at a rate of 2 million cells per second. 

Red blood cell carries oxygen in the blood using hemoglobin which plays a vital role in maintaining your body's healthiness. 

  • White Blood Cells 

White blood cells responsible for the function of the body's immune system are also known as leukocytes. There are mainly two types of white blood cells present in our bloodstreams, such as granular leukocytes and agranular leukocytes. 

Substances like neutrophils, basophils are granular leukocytes, whereas lymphocytes and leukocytes come under agranular leukocytes. 

  • Platelets

The small cell fragments instrumental in bold clotting and forming scabs are known as platelets or thrombocytes. The platelets are free from the nucleus and last only up to a week before seizing by macrophages.

  • Plasma

It is the non-cellular element of the blood that is around 55% of the body's total volume of blood. Plasma comprises water, proteins, and various dissolved substances such as glucose, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and oxygen. 


A Key Illustration on Our Cardiovascular System Assignment Sample 

The Assignment requires students to come up with a detailed assessment on the basic requirements of cardiovascular system for maintaining the healthiness such as oxygen saturation level, need of haemostatic range and also the diagram of oxygen delivery throughout the body. 

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Moreover, a detailed insight on how cardiovascular disease effect the Australians, how it is becoming a national health priority and the role of healthy eating pattern in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. 

The final part of this assignment also discusses the sources and effects of unsaturated food 

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