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chemistry assignment help through guided sessions

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Everything you hear, see, smell, taste, and touch offer a sense of chemistry and chemicals (matter) as per the American Chemical Society.

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What Is Chemistry And Its Applications Described In Our Chemistry Assignment Help?

Chemistry is related to the branch of natural science that offers an extensive idea on the structure, composition and function of matter. It works as a bridge between Physics, Biology and Geology and known as Central Science. Chemistry is one of the most fascinating and engaging subjects as it opens up many mysterious characters of the chemicals around us.

The branch of chemistry is both qualitative and quantitative as the qualitative approach works on synthesizing new compounds especially in medicine while the quantitative approach seems worthwhile in applied physics to the microscopic level of atoms and molecules. 

Chemistry being the natural science is everywhere, anything you go through, touch or even smell. Some of them are natural whereas some are man-made. An extensive study of chemistry and advancements in the field is completely beneficial for the world as it brings in necessary changes in the fields like medicine, energy and more. 

Different Branches Of Chemistry Mentioned In Our Online Chemistry Assignment Help

Physical Chemistry 

Physical Chemistry is the primary branch of chemistry that is related to Physics to an extent. In this subject, the students of Australia need to go through the atoms, molecules, chemical reactions, and the concept of energy. 

Physical Chemistry is mathematical, so the students have to comprehend the fundamentals to get succeed in the long run. Fields like thermodynamics, equilibrium, surface chemistry, and chemical kinetics come under Physical Chemistry. 

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is all about natural materials and more exclusive deals with carbon compounds. It is the study of the structure, composition, reaction, and properties of carbon-containing compounds. 

Inorganic Chemistry

The branch of chemistry that deals with the study of compounds that doesn’t consist of carbon-hydrogen atoms are called inorganic chemistry. It deals with the synthesis and behavior of various inorganic compounds. Inorganic chemistry includes all the chemical compounds except carbon-based compounds containing C-H bonds. 


Biochemistry is a part of science that explores the chemical rules within living organisms. The laboratory-based science sync biology and chemistry using chemical knowledge and techniques. It is used for solving complex biological issues by biochemists. 

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry is the science of all the existing matters and deals with obtaining, processing and communicating information on the structure and composition of matter. 

Basic Principle Of Chemistry


Chemistry is the study of matter that refers to the substances with volume and mass. It can be a chemical material or even a combination of two or more materials and that we can touch sense, or even taste. 


Atom is the smallest unit of the matter and also the primary constituent, it comprises of positively charged protons and uncharged neutrons with a surrounding of negatively charged electrons. It exhibits the characteristics of an element and the building block for chemistry. Chemicals like Ne, O are examples of atoms.


It is the combination of two or more atoms held together for chemical bonding. It is the smallest part of a substance that features the same properties and comprise of constituent elements. O2, HCl is the right example for the molecule. 

Chemical Elements

A chemical element is made of a single atom and even of several protons and defined by the particular number of protons known as the atomic number. 

presence of chemistry

Sample Chemistry Assignment Handled By Our Chemistry Assignment Help Experts

project information - chemistry assignment help through guided sessions

project policies - chemistry assignment help through guided sessions

Assignment Objective

In this chemistry assignment the students have to make an extensive study of the contaminated water and the process to overcome the same. Beside this they have to come up with a report on the contaminants focusing on the mass transfer methodologies for removing those contaminants from water. 

Assignment Solution Screenshots

abstractIntroductionIUPAC Namethermal conductivityharmful effects of equilinsourcemy assignment servicesqualitativereported methodconclusion

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