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1665 was quite a momentous day for the world when the building blocks of all living things got its reputation. Robert Hooke was the first man to describe the word cell in his book Micrographia. 

Cells, the honey-comb arrangements, are the structural and functional unit of life and

Cytology is a combination of two Greek words, Cyto is taken from the word Kytos which signifies empty vessels, and Logy defines the investigation or study of. So altogether, it is the study or investigation of cells along with their functions.

Students pursuing cytology need to have a deep understanding of the cells and their functions to become a successful cytologist. They also require to be well-versed on the basics and theories, which are core for cytology to put those correctly in their assignments. 

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Cytology Assignment

 An Illustration on Cytology 

Cytology is all about the study of the cell structure, functions, and interactions with other cells. An in-depth study on the cells provides students in Australia a better insight to put the concepts effectively on their assignments. At My Assignment Services, we make an effort to build a favorable environment for the students to explore the cells will be a delightful affair but not complicated. 

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Types of cells

A cell is an organized mass of nucleus and protoplasm that fabricates a living organism's elementary structure. It is also one of the fundamental concepts of Biology. There are mainly two types of cells, such as the Prokaryotic cells and Eukaryotic cells.

Prokaryotic Cells

Prokaryotic cells do not have the nucleus. The DNA in these types of cells remains free in the nucleoid. The Prokaryotic Cells range from 0.1 to 0.5 ‎μm, and such cells reproduce through binary fission. The example of Prokaryotic cells includes bacteria and


Eukaryotic Cells 

The Eukaryotic cells feature a nucleus and organelles, and the plasma membrane bounds them. Organisms like plant and animal cells are examples of Eukaryotic cells. The cell is the smallest unit of the living organism and is covered by a cell membrane in animals and plants, a non-living the cell wall of cellulose. Mostly eukaryotic cells fall under the range of 10-100

μm, and they are capable of reproducing both sexually and asexually.

Cell Structure & Functions

The structure of a cell comprises components like cell wall, cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, and cell organelles. 

Cell Membrane

A cell membrane's primary function is to give much-needed support and protection to the cell from external effects. It also regulates the movement of various substances in and out of the cells. It is also popular as a plasma membrane and houses cytoplasm and nucleus under its thick covering.

Cell Wall

Cell Wall plays an essential role in plant cells' structure. It comprises cellulose, pectin, and hemicellulose, and being the outermost layer of plant cells, protects the plasma membrane and other cellular components. The cell wall is also instrumental in safeguarding the

cells from mechanical disturbances and injuries. Our botany assignment help through guided sessions can offer you a better insight into the call walls and a plant cell structure. 


Cytoplasm inside a cell is responsible for all the chemical reactions; it is a thick and jelly-like element inside the cell membrane. 


The nucleus is the core of a cell structure and the warehouse of the DNA. It controls growth, maturity, and even expiry by sending proper signals. 

Cell Organelles 

 Every cell composed of the cell organelles which performs specific functions for maintaining essential processes inside the living organisms. The nuclear membrane, Chromosomes, ribosomes and mitochondria are the examples of such cell organelles. 

A cell provide support & protection, helps in reproduction and enables growth mitosis, so the responsibility of cells is next to infinity. Hence the students need to familiar with these elements of cell. 

Types of Cytology Techniques Covered in Our Cytology Assignment Help

The modern-day cytology techniques comprise of Exfoliative Cytology and Aspiration Cytology. 

Exfoliative Cytology 

In Exfoliative Cytology, the cells from mucosal surfaces are collected and tested, so it is exclusive for examining surface cells and its cytological analysis. The Exfoliative Cytology includes Gynecological samples, respiratory cytology, urinary cytology, gastrointestinal tract, and boy fluid cytology.

Aspiration Cytology

Aspiration Cytology is all about diagnosis cytologic material from the internal organs, and Fine Needle Aspiration, Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy and Needle Aspiration Biopsy Cytology are the most popular techniques.

The structure and functions of cells are essential in learning if you want to make a successful career in cytology. Hence guidance from our cytology assignment help through guided sessions can go a long way with you and offer nothing but the best assistance.

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