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Econometrics is a branch of economics which applies computer science, statistical methods and mathematics to conduct a quantitative analysis of data. In simple terms, econometrics is applied by economists to analyze a large volume of data for the purpose of generating simple relationships between them. The term econometrics was originally used in the year 1910 by Ciompa Pawel. However, its modern use is attributed to Frisch Ragnar. The basic model used in econometrics is linear regression. Here, different variables can be separately analyzed and compared. Mostly, econometrics applies statistical theory in its analysis. Statistical theory is useful to economists because it is suitable for identifying the most suitable estimators that are efficient, unbiased and consistent. When it comes to the model, econometrics mostly use statistical model because it is the most appropriate in the study of economic queries. However, despite its usefulness, econometrics has been criticized on several occasions. Some scholars have faulted econometrics for failing to failing to adequately describe economic reality because of its overreliance on observation rather than experimental data. Our experts are qualified for all sorts of economics assignment and econometric topics such as basic econometric models, theories of econometrics, relevance of econometrics in economics, methodology of econometrics, Robert Lucas’ criticisms on econometrics, weaknesses of econometrics, qualities of a good econometric theory, applications of linear regression to econometrics and many others.

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Theories of econometrics and how econometric can be used to show relationship among various economic phenomena such as unemployment rate and GDP can only be best resolved by econometricians. At ‘My Assignment Services’ we are glad to engage the most talented econometric experts who can handle different aspects of clients assignments on econometric. We work with the best brain in econometric who have done extensive study in econometric at different levels of training. Most of our experts are well conversant with economic models, economic history as well as economic forecasting. These make them very competitive to provide quality assignment papers in econometric for our clients. The academic credentials of our writer, which we do post on our online portal, at ‘My Assignment Services’ show the confidence that our experts have in their training, which by no doubt is replicated in the econometric assignment they work on at ‘My Assignment Services.’

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The professional contracted to work on clients assignments at ‘My Assignment Services’ are guided by the professional code of ethics, which advocate for quality and original academic papers for clients at ‘My Assignment Services’. The resources used to o clients’ econometric assignments are traceable from Google Scholar website, which indeed eliminates any doubt that our professional are not doing adequate research work for clients assignments. The standard citation styles, which are basic requirement for any academic work, are convincingly observed by professionals at ‘My Assignment Services’ . The teams we engage at ‘My Assignment Services’ are very dedicated and available day and night. Clients’ requests regarding their most preferred econometric experts are greatly honored and assignments are channeled to them because of their previous mutual trust with such clients. Regardless of the location of the clients, we have professionals who are well conversant with both American English and United Kingdom English.

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