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Formulating an academic essay means constructing a logical set of ideas into an argument because essays are one-dimensional as they offer only one idea at a time. An ideal essay must incorporate ideas in order that makes sense to the readers. Structuring an essay successfully is a difficult task, therefore My Assignment Services serve students with the most reliable essay writing help, we have the best team of essay writers that help you in the best possible way, and get you the grades you want, and learning from the best possible source within the least possible time.

The structure of an essay should be unique as it dictates the information readers need to know. Although there are certain guidelines for constructing an essay, however, there are no set rules or formulae. If you are facing any problem in writing your academic essay, then you are the right place to avail the best essay writing help in Australia from our academic writing experts.

Essay Writing Problems

According to our essay writing experts and tutors, apart from what once can easily see with the click of a button, here are some of the most common problems that students face while writing their essays:

  • The opening paragraphs usually indicate that the essay needs to be worked upon, this is majorly because they have started working on the essay without getting an idea of it. For this, one needs to write down everything that has to be included in the essay beforehand.
  • Statement located at the end of the first or the second paragraph explains the essay’s main point. Without this statement, it becomes very difficult to structure or even organise ideas. A profitable trick prolific essayists choose is to note down the statement before writing the essay.
  • Confusion on how to cite resources might land up students in trouble by showing plagiarism in the citation.

Essay Writing Samples

Following is an essay writing sample prepared by one of our essayists to help students understand the complexity that they deal with every other day at My Assignment Services.

Question: Explain the ways in which an understanding of legal theory and historical context facilitates a critical analysis of the decision of in Walker v New South Wales (1994) 182 CLR 45. In your answer, refer to the prescribed readings from Legal Analysis and Critique, and 3 additional sources which you have located using the research methodologies learned in 200977 Fundamentals of Australian Law.

Answer (Note that this is not the complete answer instead just a part of it):According to the positive theory of law given by Austin (1790-1859), law is created and enforced by the state. This theory dealt with what law “is” and not what law “ought” to be. The basis of this theory is that law is made by a sovereign body of the state and has nothing to do with morality, reason or justice. Law is in the nature of command which is given by a political superior to a political inferior.

Essay Writing Techniques

An essay generally contains different kinds of information, often located in the specialised part of the paperwork. Short essays also perform various operations like introducing the topic, analysing the data, raising counter-arguments, and finally, providing relevant conclusion. The introduction and the conclusion part have fixed positions, but arguments or other essential sections do not have any fixed place. However, after providing successful essay writing help to students all over the globe since the last decade, My Assignment Services has enabled itself to provide a specific draft for different types of essays that comes from experience only.

Our experts at My Assignment Services produce a well-structured and highly organised essay paper. They follow a basic structure like:

  • ‘What’: The demonstration section must come earlier in the section, usually directly after the introduction section. Since you are primarily reporting what you have observed, it is a part where you might have the maximum information to mention. Our essay writing experts in Australia make sure that this part is not more than one-third of the essay and does not lack balance.
  • ‘How’: A reader wants to know whether the claims of the thesis are true in all sense or not. Therefore, while writing, the essay writer should include at least one dedicated ‘how’ section, where the reader’s question is being answered. This section comes after ‘what’ section and may complicate the argument depending upon its length.
  • ‘Why’: Your reader might also want to know what is at stake in your claim; in answering ‘why’, the essay explains its own significance. Although the question might have risen in the introductory part, but complete answer to this ‘why’ properly belongs to the conclusion part. If you complete your essay writing without this section, your readers will consider your essay as unfinished or pointless.

Paula giving useful tips for securing High Distinction in an academic Essay

Essay Mapping by Essay Writing Helpers

Structuring an essay as per the reader’s logic means examining and anticipating what a reader wants to know, in order to get convinced by the provided argument.

The essay writing experts at My Assignment Services map their essays following a set of guidelines, and advise students to do the same. Some of them include:

  1. Mention the main topic of the thesis in one or two sentences, and then write one more sentence stating why is it important to make that claim. Indicate what a reader can learn by reading that claim. Here the pressure is mainly on the ‘why’ question that will eventually be revealed in the essay’s conclusion.
  2. The next sentence is started by stating what a reader should be provided to get convinced of that claim, then elaborate them. Adding on one or two evidences that will help in making the case stronger. This will answer the ‘what’ question.
  3. Beginning each sentence in such a way that facilitates the reader’s knowledge and helps him or her gain a firm perspective of the concerned essay writing helper(s).

Essay Writing Help in Just a Click

Our academic assignment writing services by expert writers at My Assignment Services work in a simple style where students have to call our customer care support team and submit all the essay writing requirements to them. The experts will promptly revert with a simple quote. Once the desired amount is paid, our experts will start making your assignment.

You can contact our customer support who are capable of serving you in the best possible manner at any time. To avail our essay writing help or any other academic assistance, all you need to do is contact us at +61 340 149 030/ +44 75 6101 9509 or connect through email at


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