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Study of Genetics: Decoding the Human DNA

Genetics is a fascinating area of study in the medical science field which is driven by innovation and specialist knowledge in cellular biology. We are born with the same genes that our parents were born with, and our parents were born with the same genes that our grand-parents and ancestors were born with. This knowledge of genetic science tells us a lot about human evolution and the sophisticated way in which the creation has occurred.

The human genome project that developed on a global scale unravelled several possibilities for the scientist community. The causes of similarity in physical and mental characteristics and the medical ailments that one generation inherits from the previous generation became evident due to the success of human genome project.

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the source of all the genetic information located in our body cell. In a way it can be said that the functionality of human body is based on highly complex program known as the DNA. DNA is a sophisticated program that is written with approximately 6 billion letters of code in every cell of our body. The magnificence of this unique information makes us one of the most privileged beings to have sustained on the planet for billions of years.

Genetics Assignment Writing Services

Our online assignment and dissertation writing experts in the life science stream are research scientists who have published several papers in the genetics field. The article topics published by our life science experts in the genetics field include: molecular biology, pharmacogenomics, Neuropsychiatric diseases, Biomedical Genomics - Obesity & Diabetes, and Innovative genetic advancement among other topics. Our research writers have experience of working with top-notch bio-science and life science companies. The quality of our sample papers will show their in-depth expertise in the topic of genetics.

Our life science online tutoring team is comprised of 3 teams: a) Research writing team, b) Analyst team, and c) Online tutoring team. The research writer learns about the writing instructions from the analyst after the client has discussed the requirement with the analyst. The client and the assignment writer can reach the analyst anytime during the whole process of the research writing work. The online tutoring team is available for detailed discussion about different sections of the research paper and issues that form part of the genetics curriculum.

MyAssignmentServices.Com Academic Expertise

Our genetics academic writing expertise is developed and maintained by following the scientific writing guidelines mentioned below:

  • Abstract: a thorough review of the entire paper is summarized and presented
  • Introduction: Setting the tone for the topic; this part includes the intriguing aspects of the paper and a small brief about the findings and interpretation of findings
  • Materials and Methods: Procedures and processes/ Tools and techniques that form part of the work
  • Results: Final interpretation of tests and experiments
  • Tables and Figures: Tables and Figures form coherence with the content and they should be meaningful even when read separately
  • Discussion: Elaboration of facts and figures
  • Citations: Details of work published by previous scholars is mentioned
  • Reference lists: References in list format
  • Genetic nomenclature: Scientific terminology to describe the genes
  • Format: Formatting as per the style guide of the scientific journal or other publication is followed
  • Proofreading: Professional proofreading team works on the content

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