Students studying Business and Economics are expected to be the job creators of tomorrow. Business schools aim to train the students in a way that they become good investors, entrepreneurs and managers. Hedge Fund Management is an important aspect that universities aim to teach students. But in order to do so, they bombard students with unnecessary assignments and homework. Well, submitting homework on time could be a bigger challenge than managing a hedge fund successfully. In these times, academic support like our Hedge Fund management assignment help through guided sessions comes handy. Our seasoned subject matter experts that complete your assignment for you conduct exhaustive research to answer the question in your question file and also follow the marking rubric and referencing guidelines word by word to make your submission a top-scoring one. 

Hedge Fund Management Assignment Sample Recently Solved by Our Team 

Hedge fund management assignments often consist of case studies that require students to research and form meticulous arguments to answer the questions. Every individual question solicits detailed research, which can sometimes get time-consuming. However, here are some examples of questions that can be asked on the basis of a case study. Experts who provide management assignment help through guided sessions have brought to you this sample solution. 

Hedge Fund Management Assignment Help through guided sessions Hedge Fund Management Assignment Help through guided sessions
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Let’s Discuss the Concepts of Hedge Fund Elaborately To Answer The Questions

Like other investment opportunities like property, gold and stocks, hedge funds are also investment opportunities made available to the general public by financial institutions. In comparison to other investment schemes, hedge funds come with relatively higher returns as more liquid assets are involved. The investment bankers leverage hedge funds to make use of complex amalgamation of investment and portfolio diversification techniques like construction management, risk management, and short or premature selling. 

The use of hedge funds has evidently increased since the beginning of the decade. In reality, it started out as a fancy name for associations otherwise known as an investment partnership. The parties that become investment partners come under a single code of conduct and rules that all the parties have to follow in order to secure the growth and proper use of the investment of hedge funds. Often, a professional who manages funds or an investment banker, onboards a group of investors looking to grow their redundant money, and brings together investors to pool in money in the fund.

Mutual Vs Hedge Funds: Exploring the Difference

Well, mutual funds and Hedge funds share quite a lot of similarities and they are often interpreted as one. Both of these funds are some sort of managed portfolios that stand on a pool of funds with an aim to achieve high but relatively low-risk returns by diversification of capital. Thus, this kind of pooling of funds can be interpreted as different investors coming together to pool their capitals to invest strategically. While institutions like banks provide schemes for investments in mutual funds, individual financial managers and investors manage hedge funds for a selected profile of people. 

Like mutual funds, hedge funds borrow the same pool funding structure. However, they are operated and owned privately and typical also come with a greater risk than mutual funds. Thus, they may deploy options like short-selling, day trading, and other alternatives strategies. Overall, you can consider that hedge funds can provide more aggressive returns but with higher risks.

A prominent character of mutual funds is their inertness to the direction of the market. Meaning, that most of the time mutual funds continue to make money even if the market goes down. Whereas Hedge funds aggressively ride the market trends that shoot up and give low returns when the market goes down. 

You Should Know All the Types of Hedge Funds to Write Assignments

Hedge funds together deploy a varying degree of strategies like macro investing, distressed securities, relative value, and activism. Hedge funds that invest in macroeconomic variables like stocks, bonds, or currencies are known as macro hedge funds while the ones that play with equity stocks against the equity market are known as an equity hedge fund. There are other types of aggressive hedge funds as well, that offer rapid and high returns but with a greater risk. Mentioned below are a few types of hedge funds on which our hedge fund management assignment help through guided sessions experts have written numerous assessments in the past eight years.

Long/Short Equity: 

This kind of equity primarily earns a profit by exploiting multiple opportunities to exploit profit. According to this strategy, hedge fund managers invest in stocks of growing companies for a long time and sell short stocks that seem to be overpriced.

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According to this strategy, a hedge fund manager aims to exploit the differences that arise in stock prices over a period of time. The stocks to be invested are carefully vetted and only those who seem to have an equal amount of variation in the closely related stocks are chosen. The idea is that even if one stock goes down, the other related to it might go up by an equal amount, thus almost making it a risk-free investment. These funds aim to keep risk at bay and return positively even if the market goes down.

Merger Hedge Funds : 

This involves simultaneous purchase and selling of stocks of the companies that are merging together. This, in turn, creates riskless portfolios as the only risk is a merger not working out in the end. Thus managers closely monitor and predict whether the mergers would close in time or not. 

Global Macro:

Typically, macro hedge funds are the ones that aim to earn profits by investing on macro variables like currencies, oil, gold and bonds. These funds are sensitive to the changes in politics or policies on a national or global level and depend on the overall economic structure of the company. The investment can either be long or for a short period of time.

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