Have you ever wondered how we survive in the extreme temperature conditions? Be it a hot summer day with temperature shooting up to 50°C or a cold winter evening when the temperature drops to 0°C, our body has its ways to keep us warm. How does that happen? Homeostasis! Homeostasis is what keeps us going. In any normal human being, it keeps the blood pressure, blood glucose level and all the other parameters within a constant narrow range. Due to the purpose it serves, it is considered an important discipline and is taught to scholars pursuing biology, chemistry, nursing, medicine, and various other degrees. One thing that is common to all the homeostasis assignments given to scholars pursuing varying degrees is their intricate nature, which renders scholars to seek homeostasis assignment help through guided sessions from professional writers to not flunk their credits.

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As per our online homeostasis assignment writers, merely knowing what homeostasis is and why is it important is in itself a great tool to gain interest in the subject. So, let us discuss homeostasis first. One of the most important jobs that our body has is to stay relatively unchanged even in the continuously changing world around us, our body achieves this steady-state or equilibrium through homeostasis. The homeostasis mechanisms work to maintain the conditions inside our body within a range that can be tolerated our metabolism, for instance, our body temperature, which normally fluctuates within one-degree range, whether we are on a beach, out in the snow, or on a hot summer day. The process of maintaining homeostasis is complex and involves several organs, including our brain, liver, and kidneys. 

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Why is Homeostasis So Important? 

Homeostatic disruption, which is also referred to as homeostatic imbalance, occurs when the systems in our body are unable to balance the internal conditions, and leads to various diseases or disorders, or even death. One of the common examples of homeostatic imbalance is hypothyroidism, which is a condition wherein properly production or regulation of thyroid hormones is hampered inside the body. Hypothyroidism, i.e. failed homeostasis of thyroid hormones, results in fatigue, weight gain, and a lack of concentration. Hence, homeostatic regulations are imperative for keeping the body at a steady-state, i.e., values within an acceptable narrow range, also known as set points. When these values fluctuate far away from the acceptable range (setpoint), the body’s systems function to bring those values proximal to the setpoint, which may be adjusted, as in case of a fever. Furthermore, for such changes to occur, our body must sense the stimuli, which refers to the changes in our internal and/or external environment that contribute to the fluctuations taking place away from the setpoints. All the factors, including the external stimuli, how the body occurs and everything happening inside our body, are studied in biology. However, if you are having trouble with any of your biology assignments, then you can avail our biology assignment help through guided sessions to ace the grades. 

What are the three components of homeostasis? 

Any of the homeostatic systems has three common structural components that follow:

Homeostasis Reaction to stimulus

  • A receptor, which is one of our sense organs.

  • The control centre, that is the brain.

  • An effector that can be a muscle or a gland. 

To demonstrate how the structural elements work, let’s look at the example of body temperature, the sensory nerves that are present underneath our skin send information about the encompassing temperature conditions to our brain. Additionally, receptors of the hypothalamus region in our brain keep checks on the temperature of the blood that passes through our brain. The brain further interprets the information received via the two sources and determines whether the body temperature has deviated too far away from the required range, and if the body temperature requires any adjustments, the brain sends instructions to initiate physiological and/or behavioural changes to adjust the temperature closer to the set point. While the physiological changes include sweating or shivering, behavioural changes involve finding shelter or removing a layer of clothes.

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Homeostasis Assignment Sample

Online Homeostasis Assignment Sample

The above homeostasis task, as you probably would have noticed, required the scholar to choose a clinical disorder and write an article, along with an abstract, focussing on what all the pathophysiological changes lead to that specific ailment, the pharmacology of its treatment and everything else that was mentioned in the assessment criteria that the university provided. Our experts very beautifully did everything that was asked of the scholar while keeping in mind the marking criteria provided and rendered the scholar fetching his dream HD-grade. If you want the entire solution of the above task or any other task, connect with our experts, and fetch the finest of grades you have always wished to get.

Homeostasis Assignment Help

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