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IRAC Format in Law Assignments

Law assignments form an integral part of university courses. These law assignments are specifically framed (in IRAC format or law memo etc.)to develop your skills in the domain of law and help you understand legal aspects of various activities.Moreover,law assignment helps in inculcating the astute nature of lawyers, which is very important for presenting your arguments in a courtroom.

The autonomy over multiple legal dimensions of constitutions, corporation, human rights, civil negligence etc. is fully understood from an assignment. Law assignments also test your ability to critically analyse legal theories and come out with logical conclusions. However, doing all these requires you to understand the manner in which law assignments are written. IRAC or Issue-Rule-Application-Conclusion is an essential structure that needs to be followed for most law assignments.

How to Frame Your Law Assignments?

Law assignments require a definite format, which is also universally accepted by most reputed universities. The IRACmethodof lawensures that your approach towards making an argument is proper and reasoned. Law assignment is nothing but an analysis of legal cases or legality of different actions either by a government or in a court of law.Hence, an understanding of this format becomes essential. Let us have a look at it with the help of an image.

IRAC Format full form

Here, the basic structure has been explained. However, there is more to it, than just one line in each point.

The Issue basically identifies a legal issue in the case. This identification is carried forward by defining it in brief.

Next, the Rule or relevant law is highlighted, which is why IRAC is also called ILAC. Here, only the law is stated but, not explained.

In Application, the implementation of these laws is explained and analysed in detail. This section forms the core for presenting your reasoned arguments.

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Finally,the Conclusion is given, which is based on all the arguments mentioned above. The conclusion must be precise and to-the-point.

Usually, implementation of this format is not possible for young budding minds. They get confused with the intricacies of law and its principles. Hence, students can have a look at our IRAC method example case on our website. In case, they are unable to comprehend it properly, they can consult our experts or even go for a 1-on-1 live session.

How Is IRAC Law Problem Question Framed?

Most assignment questions of laware framed in such a way that use of IRAC is necessary. It makes the explanation very coherent and logical. An IRAC template has been discussed in the above section, however, some essaysare silent on its use and the approach is decided by the requirements of the question.An example image is provided below to help you understand it better.

IRAC Question format

Here in this sample, one question is an IRAC essay example, while the second specifies not to use it. Our law assignment experts are vastly experienced in this field of legal writing.Therefore, they understand bothsituations, when IRAC is used and when it is not.

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