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What is Molecular Spectroscopy?

Electromagnetic radiation waves carry energy in them, and whenever these energy-carrying waves contact any material particle, certain changes are produced in that particle. The interaction between the matter molecules and electromagnetic radiations can take place by either absorption or emission, and the study such interactions between electromagnetic radiations and matter is known as molecular spectroscopy, or sometimes only spectroscopy. 

Spectroscopy is extensively used to understand the internal structures of matter, especially molecular compounds, both organic and inorganic. Furthermore, molecular spectra provide insights into the internal conformations as well as the interactions inside various molecules, their quantitative and qualitative analysis, along with the reaction kinetics, and many more. The various articles, presenting both theoretical and experimental data relevant to the subject molecular spectroscopy, and its applications, are published in the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy

But why spectroscopy, right? Well, using spectroscopy over the trivial methods for the structural determination of complex molecular compounds has certain advantages, including:

  • It is less time-consuming.
  • A small quantity of sample is required.
  • Although the initial cost for set-up is high, it is cost-effective in the long run.

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Molecular Spectrum

As mentioned earlier, when the matter is exhibited to a series of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiations, various changes are produced. These changes are observed in the form of a molecular spectrum. In other words, molecules absorb certain wavelengths to become excited to successive energy levels, namely: electronic, vibrational, or rotational. The series of wavelengths absorbed in every case emits a distinct molecular spectrum, lying in the specific ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Types of Molecular Spectra

Molecular spectra are mainly of the following three types:

molecular spectroscopy assignment help through guided sessions
    1. Pure Rotational Spectra: the absorption of low energy by the molecules, causing the transition of electrons from one rotational level to another within the identical vibrational level results in the formation of rotational spectra.  Rotational spectra are obtained in the far-infrared or in the microwave spectral regions, both of whose energy is exceedingly small, therefore, also referred to as the “microwave spectra”.


  • Vibrational-Rotational Spectra: absorption of the radiations having energy large enough to cause a transition from one vibrational level to another, inside the same electronic level, results in the occurrence of both rotational and vibrational transitions, thus, a vibrational-rotational spectrum is observed. Vibrational-rotational spectrum is visible in the near-infrared spectral region and therefore, is also called the “infrared spectra”.
  • Electronic Band Spectra: if the energy of the absorbed radiation is enough to make an electron transit from one electronic level to another, then the transition is accompanied by vibrational level as well as rotational level changes. A set of immensely close lines becomes visible for each vibrational transition, due to correspondingly occurring rotational level changes, which are known as bands. Hence, this spectrum is referred to as the “electronic band spectra”. This spectrum is observed in the visible and ultraviolet regions. 


Scholars seeking molecular spectroscopy homework help often lack a deep understanding of the subject and thus, are always confused between various similar-sounding terms such as spectroscopy and spectrometry, and atomic and molecular spectroscopy. Are you also entangled in finding the difference between such terms? Well, here is a small insight into the same, hope that this will make the concepts relatively limpid for you.

Spectroscopy vs. Spectrometry

Spectroscopy, as has been explained above, refers to the study of how radiated energy interacts with matter. However, spectrometry is one of the applications of spectroscopy to quantify the assessable results. 

Atomic Spectroscopy vs. Molecular Spectroscopy

Atomic spectroscopy studies the transition of electrons between energy levels of isolated atoms, molecular spectroscopy, on the other hand, involves the study of electron transitions in molecules having more than one atom, which can be of both similar or distinct types. While atomic spectra are influenced by the interaction of the nuclei spins and other electrons in the same atom with the transitioning electrons, molecular spectra are not. This is primarily due to the presence of valence electrons in distinct orbitals, separate from the atomic orbitals inside the molecule. 

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